How Deep is God's Love? II

Season 1 | Episode 9
30m | Jul 8, 2021

Is God’s Love for us conditional or unconditional? Does it come with any strings attached? If God’s Love for us is unconditional, can anything separate us from the Love of Christ? By examining these questions, it forms the framework/basis for me to decide whether I should take the leap of faith in converting to Christianity. This is part 2 of “How Deep is God’s Love?” 

In this episode, I contemplate on whether God's Love is unconditional; which helps reflect on my thought process in taking the leap of faith - recalling the struggles I faced in RCIA, culminating in my conversion 5 years later. The inspired reading for this episode is from Rom 8:31-39. The reflection connects the dots from Ep. 4 - 8.

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