Samadhi Pathways With Kathrine Nolley

34m | Dec 16, 2022

Samadhi Pathways integrates breathwork, yoga, sound, movement, dance, nature, and a loving community to support you in your journey. These tools can help unlock the power that you have in your mind to expose the true self which is pure love. The plant medicine renaissance is here — with proven results in relieving anxiety, PTSD, opioid and nicotine addiction, depression, and among so many other potential benefits.

Kathrine Nolley is an entrepreneur of over 30 years managing and communicating are the superpowers she loves to connect people. She creates experiences that are memorable and is passionate about seeing others happy. Kathrine is a Mental health advocate and is passionate about the neurological benefits of Psychedelics. Her plan is always to have insight-inspiring conversations about mystical experiences, Ketamine, and clinical research on mental health. 

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