ACS Laboratory With Masha Ty

29m | Dec 9, 2022

Masha Ty has resolved major challenges in marketing, e-commerce, compliance, talent acquisition, and brand activations for Fortune 500 companies. Now she brings that skill set to cannabis and psychedelics; developing educational content and managing client acquisition and retention for ACS Laboratory. She is the Co-founder of CannaFamilia(TM), a Spanish cannabis education platform, and Extract Collective, an experiential events activator. 

Recently, Masha was part of the founding team for a Psychedelic Telemedicine Platform and continues to mentor, guide, and explore new avenues in psychedelic research, integration, and alt-pharma treatments. She holds a BSBA from American University and an MBA from George Washington University.

She brings all that passion and experience to cannabis. Working across the business for both cannabis and hemp compliance, she stays on top of legal, scientific, and commercial developments, helping to drive web traffic and sales.

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