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This Day in Miami History Podcast

This Day in Miami History is a podcast dedicated to short stories of Miami's history. Most episodes will be less than 15 minutes, and focused on bringing primary sources out of library archives and into your ears. It's a region loved by millions, followed by millions more and never devoid of interesting events. Plumbing the depths of Miami's history should be one hell of a time.


July 27, 1925: Death of Mayor P.A. Henderson, William Jennings Bryan share Miami's front pages
Show Details19min 14s
June 23, 1980: Two Men Climb Down The Mutiny Hotel (with Roben Farzad)
Show Details25min 12s
Bonus Episode: An Interview with Ari Odzer of NBC 6 WTVJ about the 1997 Miami Tornado and more!
Show Details17min 2s
May 12, 1997: A Tornado Rips Through Downtown Miami
Show Details17min 41s
April 10, 1985: Anchorman Ralph Renick leaves WTVJ to run for governor of Florida
Show Details20min 15s
March 30, 1972: The Watergate Hotel break-in is planned at the Florida White House on Key Biscayne
Show Details16min 51s
February 13, 1964: The Beatles flew into Miami Beach
Show Details18min 12s
January 25, 1947: Al Capone dies on Miami Beach's Palm Island
Show Details16min 26s
January 1, 1926: Coral Gables Stadium hosts an unprecedented college football exhibition
Show Details25min 36s
December 26, 1896: The Christmas fire of 1896 burns Miami (and its first would-be saloon)
Show Details22min 56s
November 15, 1983: A runoff, after a backstab, is contested for Miami Mayor
Show Details13min 33s
October 22, 1962: President Kennedy publicly kicks off Cuban Missile Crisis, with Miami in crosshairs
Show Details19min 42s
September 18, 1926: The Great Miami Hurricane makes landfall
Show Details26min 12s
August 16, 1965: The Miami Dolphins are born
Show Details16min 37s
July 28, 1896: The City of Miami is officially incorporated
Show Details15min 31s
August 5, 1974: A building collapses in Downtown Miami, killing seven federal employees
Show Details13min 38s
Bonus Episode: An Interview with former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Charles Dusseau
Show Details40min 22s
May 20, 1984: Metrorail runs for the first time
Show Details16min 54s
April 30, 1915: Dade County's boundaries are changed to form Broward
Show Details14min 15s
This Day in Miami History Trailer
Show Details1min 35s