Ranking every blaseball team based purely on the OG roster player names

Episode 11
2h 16m | Aug 19, 2022

What's the guy-to-goober ratio? Who's Mid? And most importantly...WHO WON? We rank the 24 blaseball teams in the ILB based purely on the names of the players they had on their OG rosters. But the ranking system is: the sun with sunglasses drawn in the corner, phone battery at full charge, frozen yogurt, the sim could do better, and orange

~Reference Zone~

Jasmine's/Atlantis Georgias tweet

Gob's song

Red Flags ft. Montaigne

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Gob: @glassgoblin on twitter (@glassgob on tumblr)

Bluey: in the tacostand and several blaseball servers

Krow: @lokrow on twitter (@lokrow on tumblr)

Hazel: @driftersoda on twitter

This week's episode was edited by Hazel Cooper.

Cover Illustration by Gob.

Our twitter is @ArchivesUnlimi (oh god ted is lose oh no)

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