Can Teeth Get Pregananant? - Fall Ball Wk 4

Episode 16
2h 18m | Nov 23, 2022

HELP IT’S ONLY THE 4TH WEEK AND I’VE RUN OUT OF IDEAS ON WHAT TO PUT IN THESE DESCRIPTIONS. We were going to name this “Plump blorpo in the shadows” but something even worse came out. In this episode: Gob’s prediction comes true, big brother, fire eater swaps, Margo and Reese would get along, trauma bonding, day 1 players, home and away games, the moon, dashcon ballpit, the lorax

For discussion of this episode, join us at the Unlimited Tacostand under the-podco-truck channel in Fanworks.

~Reference Zone~

Gob’s Prediction

to the people who take the long view

Gob’s Reese Clark art

Roots by Marquis 

Dunn Keyes/IF-36.688

Dunn Keyes/IF-52.562

Slow March by waveridden

Sugarmade by waveridden

Swapsies by waltztangocache

Iz’s Mankini gnome Elvis 


Spears Taylor art

My friend the octopus by marquis

First proof by Crewe

A ficlet about dunlap figueroa

The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy at All

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