Brockbertie, the rot consumes us all

Episode 12
1h 20m | Jul 7, 2022

So the siesta has finally caught up with us and we decided to record an episode without plan. It's the start of July and what's the deal with artfight? We finally let Gob spill the beans on brockbertie. Sometimes blaseball really is just about spinning two players in your head like rotisserie chickens.

~Reference Zone~

mrs. silk (you need an artfight account to access this link)

hazel explains blaseball to their friend

the art of max turner

the specific brock art we were looking at

lurching in the sun by marquis

Lore Doc: Tosser-Forbes

jun's art of son jensen

just look up the legend form of Palkia from Pokemon

brockbertie fancam

200% Beefy Chips (aka Chips!) (artfight link)

Bead Lixard (artfight link)

Where you can find us!

Frog: @_friendlyfrog on twitter and friendlyfrog on artfight

Gob: @glassgoblin on twitter and artfight (@glassgob on tumblr)

Hazel: @driftersoda on twitter and artfight

This week's episode was edited by Hazel Cooper.

Illustration by Gob.

Our twitter is @ArchivesUnlimi (I couldn't fit Ted in the character count.)

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