Hazel's Deepdives - Bork Holloway

Episode 7
45m | Mar 31, 2022

Welcome to another episode of the infinite archves! In this episode we do a player deepdive on tacos very own batter Bork Holloway with hosts Hazel, Bluey and Bog of the Philly Pies. Talking points include, but are not limited to: Cheese, Season 17, the OH CRAP THEY FOUND ME GOTTA HIT SEND QUICK-

~Reference Zone~

April Fools :)

Where you can find us!

Bog/Gob: @glassgoblin ( @glassgob on tumblr )

Bluey: blue yub 03#0670 on the tacostand discord

Hazel: oh you know

COVER ART is by Hazel’s Alternate

INTRO/OUTRO MUSIC is the PVZ 2 Big Wave Beach Win with additional vocals from Bog/Gob

Our twitter is @ArchivesUnlimi (We don’t know where Ted went)

For discussion of this episode, join us at the Unlimited Tacostand under the-shelled-ones-podcast channel in Fanworks

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