Hot Women - Fall Ball Wk 9+10

Episode 22
1h 4m | Jan 8, 2023

Hi AU is back from the holidays and we brought you the first episode of 2023 and the last to end the Fall Ball series. I here we discuss some recent changes from Maincord decentralizing lore, the new era's division's and alongside the player drops. Players we discussed in no particular order: Comfort Septembrish, Winnie Hess, Sexton Wheerer, Hendricks Richardson, Eugenia Garbage, Peanutiel Duffy, Tiana Takahashi, Mullen Peterson, Beans McBlase, Evelton McBlase II, Parker Macmillan, Scratch Deleuze, Wanda Schenn, Seren Moss, Kaj Statter Jr. , Donia Bailey, Jorge Owens, Norman Muggins, Dunlap Figueroa

A special thank you to you listener for sticking with us this whole Fall Ball series and for any listeners that have been with us through the year :]

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