Pick A Card, Any Card

2h 37m | Apr 18, 2022

Believe in the heart of the cards. If you've been following our archivist and artist birbteef on her twitter, you may be familiar with the 60 tarot cards she drew of the Tacos, Magic, Firefighters, and Dale. Birb walks listeners through each card in the tarot deck and why she assigned what for each Blaseball character with hosts Frog, Gob, Dragoni and special guest Krow of the Hades Tigers. Of swords, and wands, and cups and pentacles

~Reference Zone~

The Tarot Deck


Ficlet by stara

waltztangocache on ao3

{YTP} ~ A Guy's Gross Games

Where you can find us!

Birb: @birbteef

Frog: @_friendlyfrog

Gob: @glassgoblin ( @glassgob on tumblr )

Dragoni: @DDDragoni (DDDragoni on ao3)

Krow: @lokrow

This week's episode was edited by Hazel Cooper and Krow.

Illustration by Birbteef.

Our twitter is @ArchivesUnlimi (I couldn't fit Ted in the character count.)

For discussion of this episode, join us at the Unlimited Tacostand under the-shelled-ones-podcast channel in Fanworks

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