The Of-FISH-ial podcast - Fall Ball Wk 5

Episode 17
1h 58m | Dec 4, 2022

Happy five of them Friday. On this episode: we can rebuild them (The Georgias), fish dimensions, dinosaurs, ghost mayors, aussie Knight Triumphant, and the horrifying Subaru Brat.

For discussion of this episode, join us in the Unlimited Tacostand under the-podco-truck in Fanworks.

~Reference Zone~

world map according to fish

proof of life by waveridden

for those that remember or those that still sing by ivyns

arturo art

Victor Robles and the praying mantis

joshua watson art

esme ramsey art

dead mans party by Impernia

Jordan Adika as Knight Triumphant

ruthless art

tad seeth art

Yell Parks Pod ep about the Yellowstone National Park

the subaru brat

monkey nuts

The Barnacle Goose Experiment

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