Oyasumi Japanese with Shun

This Japanese podcast is made for beginners. I speak easy Japanese clearly using Genki1 and Genki2 grammar. This is perfect to listen before you go to sleep, Japanese language is hard so you should learn in the most fun way! Listen to this and learn Japanese together before you go to sleep!

I also have my other channel "Japanese with Shun". I have a lot of podcast posted as well;)

Have a great night! おやすみ!


#9 Boardgames
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#8 How to make friends
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#7 Where to live
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#6 BBQ
Show Details8min 21s
#5 Hobby
Show Details7min 45s
#4 How to spend free time
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#3 Bear pong
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#2 My day off
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#1 Self-introduction - Oyasumi Japanese with Shun
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