How Prenatal Yoga Can Help Protect Your Energy (And Why This Is Important!)

Season 4 | Episode 7
49m | Feb 14, 2024

You’ve probably been told to do prenatal yoga, but is it really for you? Trauma-informed yoga teacher Abigail Lauren Geller says not if it’s another overwhelming thing on your to-do list! 

But if you are curious about the benefits of prenatal yoga for your body, your mind, your pregnancy, and your labor, and want to create a space of self-reflection to better connect with your body and protect your energy, then prenatal yoga may be just what you need. 

Abigail also shares with Adriana how lying on your back while pregnant may not be as problematic as we’ve been led to believe. 

Get the most out of this episode by checking out the resources, transcript, and links listed on its show notes page.  

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