Insomnia Podcast

The aim of this podcast is to give you umber of resources and techniques that you can use to help you ‘live with insomnia’

At we do not talk about curing your insomnia. As far as we have found in our 25+ years of searching there is no such thing.

So one piece of advice to anyone new to insomnia or sleeplessness, especially in these challenging times, be wary of anyone or any website that says it has a cure. It doesn’t. It may have something that will work for awhile, but a cure doesn’t exist.

Here we will offer advice and techniques such as metacognitive training, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), social and behavioural science, meditation and meditation to name just a few.

We will also have conversations with people living with insomnia and with those that have advice and support to offer.


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