Alcohol around Training and Life - Part 1 - with Anthony Di Paolo

1h 0m | May 8, 2022

I am finally back after having a few weeks off. During that time I put a bunch of effort into researching and planning out this topic so I hope you guys enjoy it. Part one is more of an introduction to the topic. I spent more time than I wanted to talking shit at the start so I couldn’t fit as much of the topic in as I wanted to today. So the topic of ‘Alcohol around Training and Life’ Will be over the next 3 Episodes. This is how Part 1 Pans out:

  • Catching up on what’s been happening since I last recorded (0:00- 35:00)
  • Loudspeaker Meetings at cafes. Yes or No? (6:00)
  • Went Strawberry Picking (6:50)
  • Went to Torquay to play Mario Kart (7:45)
  • Converting a ride to a drive Formula (12:50)
  • Easter was hectic (14:00)
  • How did Jesus actually Die? (16:15)
  • Low in sugar means added sugar FYI (18:09)
  • I have a spider family living in my car (22:42)
  • Saw a UFO (or so I hoped) (25:00)
  • I’ve gotta get STRONG (31:42)
  • Alcohol Consumption around Training and Life (36:53)
  • Basic terms around drinking/Alcohol consumption (37:48)
  • Alcohol and Fitness (42:47)
  • People who are health conscious will drink less as a result (44:00)
  • Drinking around your training gives you less Return on Investment (48:00)
  • Having a good diet doesn’t outweigh the effects of alcohol (50:20)
  • Preview of the next 2 weeks (52:00)
  • Baths are weird right? (58:00)

As always I hope you enjoyed the episode! Tell your friends and leave a review! If you have any questions or feedback shoot me a message on instagram @anthony__dipaolo

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