Horny Cats and The Philosophy of Life - with Anthony Di Paolo

42m | Sep 4, 2022

Back without a break in between this week (AMAZING) To talk a lot about training… like the first 20mins is nearly all training talk. Some talk about the philosophy of life and a little bit about Horny Cats. 

If you want to skip through all the training talk have a look at how the episode plays out below:

  • Haunted Hermione Doll (0:49)
  • Swimming goals for the past 3 weeks (1:30)
  • Reviewing the week of training (3:00)
  • I am learning to listen to my body more each week (6:00)
  • Ive been learning to sleep in when I don’t need to get up early (7:00)
  • Hustle 24/7 x 365 attitude isn’t healthy nor Sustainable (9:27)
  • My HR has adapted so much in the past 12 Months its crazy (11:30)
  • I warmed up for the first time ever before squatting and it was great (12:50)
  • Tested my strength lifts (13:20)
  • Programming Talk (16:00 - 17:54)
  • FTP Test (18:15)
  • Bonked in the first 6mins of my trainer set (20:45)
  • Launched my website finally (24:00)
  • Wrote up some cool quotes for my website (24:30)
  • You shouldn’t have to succumb to feeling like shit every time you enter your workplace (27:29)
  • Nothing is perfect the first time you do it (29:25)
  • Got my first sale (32:00)
  • T-shirts have arrived (32:44)
  • Maybe re-telling jokes maybe not (35:00)
  • Cats are Horny (35:40)
  • Taking care of some ambassador nonsense live on air (36:42)
  • Bit of ASMR to close out (40:30)

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