Weight doesn't determine your Health - Part 2 - with Anthony Di Paolo

1h 3m | Apr 17, 2022

I am back this week with part 2 of ‘Weight doesn’t determine your Health’. I go straight into part 2 of this topic so you guys don’t have to wait through a solid 30mins of me talking absolute trash to get there. Its a passionate topic of mine so I really hope you guys enjoy it!

The Episode goes as follows:

  • Gaining weight through Water (5:02)
  • Sweating heaps isn’t losing fat… its dehydration (9:30)
  • Gaining weight through Fat (10:20)
  • Gaining too much fat puts your body under a lot of stress (12:35)
  • How do we gain fat? (13:36)
  • Weight fluctuations around training and goals (16:20)
  • So much negativity around the number on the scales (23:12)
  • Looking ‘Good’ is a touchy phrase (24:00)
  • Food is the key to success (25:20)
  • Weight fluctuations around Periods (26:15
  • How you look shouldn’t even be a measure of health (29:37)
  • We shouldn’t tie ourselves to a number on a scale (30:22)
  • Stick to the big three (32:12)
  • Put in the work and the results will follow (34:25)
  • Strength work is feeling nice! (46:32)
  • Kicking has been causing me Knee issues (48:48)
  • Trainer set from Hell (53:37)
  • Grab Em Check Em (56:11)

As always I hope you enjoyed the episode! Tell your friends and leave a review! If you have any questions or feedback shoot me a message on instagram @anthony__dipaolo

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