Happy Breakfast - with Anthony Di Paolo

41m | Jul 10, 2022

After a few unexpected weeks off the mic I return this week locked and loaded with a bunch of crazy ‘Aviator Theories’ and some kinda interesting stories. I have also spent the last 2 weeks thinking about the direction id like to take the podcast in so I go into a bit of depth on that as well as some other random stuff.

The episode pans out like this:

  • Triathlon plans maybe? (4:17)
  • I want to have the biggest aerobic engine ever (5:18)
  • Sleep is underrated (6:25)
  • Podcast Plans (7:51)
  • T-shirt Samples arrived (12:15)
  • I like debating with myself (13:00)
  • Training Recap for the past few weeks (15:00)
  • Rode to Bonnie Doon - 145km (17:15)
  • Strength Tested this week (21:54)
  • Stranger Things was HECTIC (23:15)
  • Interestingly Crazy Thoughts (24:21)
  • Wild Sauna Tornado Guy (24:38)
  • Aviator Rant - We’re all puppets (25:52)
  • Beware of Unearned Wisdom (30:00)
  • Start how you want to finish (31:03)
  • It is ALL REAL (32:55)
  • Went to the Skin Doctor (35:30)
  • Funny Story (36:50)

As always I hope you enjoyed the episode! Tell your friends and leave a review! If you have any questions or feedback shoot me a message on instagram @anthony__dipaolo

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