• The Education of Josh Simpson on Naruto

    Josh and Tim have decided to hang up the mics and bring The Education of Tim Chang to an end after 20 episodes. However, before they do, Josh gives Tim the chance to show him something, and that something is the Japanese anime series Naruto. Will Josh be able to stay awake through 3 hours of anime? Will there be butt humor? Will the boys cry at the end? Listen and find out!

    Also, thank you to everyone who listened and encouraged us along the way. This podcast was a ton of fun to make, and we both are very thankful for the experience and the support. 

    1h 3m - Feb 19, 2014
  • Waiting for Guffman with Zack Pearlman

    Zack Pearlman (Key & Peele, Mulaney) stops by to introduce Tim Chang to Christopher Guest's Waiting for Guffman

    44m - Jan 22, 2014
  • Bette Midler with Jennie Pierson

    Jennie Pierson (Hello Ladies, Funny or Die) introduces Tim Chang to the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler. Going into this, Josh knew two things: 1. Jennie's love for Bette Midler knows no bounds. 2. There was no way Tim Chang had ever heard of Bette Midler before. How does Bette Midler's Divine Madness special stack up to Kanye's Yeezus tour? What exactly is a Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy? Who is Sophie Tucker? Listen and find out!

    53m - Jan 7, 2014
  • Boogie Nights with Scott Rodgers

    Comedian/Musician/Actor/one of Josh's best buds Scott Rodgers stops by to introduce Tim Chang to P.T. Anderson's Boogie Nights. Tim Chang learns about the 1970s, pornography and of course, The Boogie. 

    52m - Dec 5, 2013
  • Charles Bukowski with Joe Hartzler

    Tim Chang, Josh Simpson and comedian Joe Hartzler (Key and Peele, Funny or Die) sit down with a bottle of whiskey to honor the late, great, controversial poet and writer, Charles Bukowski. Have you ever wondered how Bukowski compares to The Joker? Do you yearn to hear Tim Chang read a short story about the beating of an arrogant bartender? Do you like Bukowski's Ham on Rye? Then do yourself a favor, and give this episode a listen. 

    1h 47m - Nov 19, 2013
  • Stephen King's Carrie w/ Kevin Pedersen

    Josh and writer Kevin Pedersen (UCB, Wordgirl) introduce Tim to Stephen King and the 1976 horror classic Carrie. What's the scariest story Tim's ever heard? Did his prom go any better than Carrie's? What does a female orgasm sound like? Tune in and find out!

    50m - Oct 17, 2013
  • Wayne's World with John Milhiser

    John Milhiser, one of SNL's new featured players, stops by to introduce Tim Chang to arguably the best SNL movie of all time, Wayne's World. What has Mike Myers done besides stand awkwardly next to Kanye during telethons? Who is Dana Carvey? What does "schwing" mean? Listen and find out.

    45m - Oct 3, 2013
  • Ghost with Nicole Byer

    Josh Simpson and comedian Nicole Byer (MTV's Girl Code, UCB) introduce Tim Chang to the classic 1990 romantic comedy Ghost starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. What does Tim think of the classic pottery scene? What is the most romantic thing Tim Chang has ever done for a lady? What happens to us after we die? You'll just have to listen and find out.

    55m - Sep 18, 2013
  • Slaughterhouse-Five with Nick Wiger

    Comedian and writer Nick Wiger (Funny or Die, Adult Swim's NTSF:SD:SUV) joins Josh and Tim for a good ol' discussion on Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five. This is the first in a series of Tim Chang's book reports. Will Tim Chang learn to love reading? How does Slaughterhouse-Five compare to Garfield? How does Tim Chang feel about war and time? Give 'er a listen and find out!

    42m - Sep 4, 2013
  • The Band (The Last Waltz) with Mel Cowan

    Josh Simpson and comedian Mel Cowan (UCB's Sentimental Lady, Funny or Die) introduce Tim Chang to The Band, specifically their concert film The Last Waltz. How does The Band compare to Evanescence and The All American Rejects? What's Tim's favorite Martin Scorsese film? What exactly is a "cocaine booger"? Listen and find out!

    1h 19m - Aug 21, 2013
  • John Waters with Julie Brister and Deb Tarica

    Tim Chang watches John Waters' cult classics Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble with guests Julie Brister (The Onion, UCB) and Deb Tarica (Hello Giggles, UCB). Will Tim Chang enjoy his stroll through Dreamland? What will he think of Divine and the Egg Lady? Will he at least be able to finish his meal by the end of the show? Listen and find out! Hosted by Josh Simpson.

    1h 0m - Jul 25, 2013
  • Punk Rock with Jacob Pitts

    Jacob Pitts of Justified and Eurotrip fame stops by to introduce Tim Chang to the world of punk rock. What band does Tim think of when he hears the term "punk rock"? What lengths will Tim go to disrespect Joey Ramone? What was the first CD Tim ever bought, and why did it include a track where The Rock raps about pie? Listen and find out.

    1h 18m - Jul 10, 2013
  • Beer with Brandon Sornberger

    Josh Simpson and comedian/bartender Brandon Sornberger attempt to teach Tim Chang the differences between different beers and whiskeys. Tim hates hard alcohol and only drinks Blue Moon (for the orange) and PBR (to get the job done). Will his palate become more refined? Can Tim Chang handle his alcohol? At the very least, can these guys teach Tim some basic bar etiquette? Listen and find out! 

    1h 8m - Jun 27, 2013
  • The Notorious B.I.G. with DC Pierson

    Tim Chang is a huge fan of hip hop, but somehow he'd only heard The Notorious B.I.G.'s music one time in a Buffalo Wild Wings. Josh and this week's guest DC Pierson set out to change all that. DC Pierson is a comedian, actor, rapper and author of the new young adult novel Crap Kingdom. He also knows a lot about hip hop. Will Tim Chang come to appreciate Biggie Smalls? What does he think of "sex songs"? How does one eat a box of pizza? Listen and find out!

    1h 20m - Jun 10, 2013
  • Woody Allen with Mark David Christenson

    Tim Chang is introduced to the work of Woody Allen with the help of comedian and actor, Mark David Christenson (UCB, The One Photo Review Podcast). Can Tim Chang relate to Annie Hall? What was stand up like in the 1960s? Why does Tim Chang think Woody Allen might be a pervert? You'll just have to listen and find out. 

    1h 5m - Mar 6, 2013
  • Chris Farley with Brian Stack

    Tim went into this episode knowing absolutely nothing about the late, great Chris Farley and came out with a great appreciation for him thanks to CONAN writer Brian Stack. Brian and Chris performed together in college and remained friends as they both climbed the comedy ranks in Chicago and NYC. Brian talks about what made Chris such a special performer and an extraordinary person. Hopefully Tim Chang learns something along the way.

    1h 3m - Feb 25, 2013
  • The US Citizenship Test with Alex Fernie

    Fresh off President Obama's 2nd Inauguration, Tim Chang sits down to learn about the American Government with Funny or Die writer Alex Fernie and Josh Simpson. What does Tim Chang know about the American Government? How much of that did he learn from Assassin's Creed III? What exactly is the Emancipation Proclamation? Well, you'll just have to listen and find out.

    1h 11m - Feb 1, 2013
  • "Dr. Strangelove" with Joel Church-Cooper

    Josh introduces Tim Chang to Dr Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb with Up All Night writer Joel Church-Cooper. Will Tim Chang appreciate Stanley Kubrick's comedic masterpiece? Can he learn anything from Peter Sellers? Just what was the Cold War all about? Can Tim tell white people apart? Listen and find out!

    1h 19m - Jan 14, 2013
  • "Seinfeld" with Casey Feigh

    Tim Chang sits down to watch Seinfeld with Josh Simpson and special guest Casey Feigh. Can Tim Chang get over Jerry's 90s haricut? What's the longest he's gone without "mastering his domain"? What is Michael Richards famous for? Listen to this episode and find out!

    1h 16m - Dec 12, 2012
  • The Beatles with Wayland McQueen (Part 2)

    Tim Chang is forced to listen to "Revolver", "Sgt. Pepper's" and selections from "The White Album", "Abbey Road" and "Let it Be" with host Josh Simpson and unofficial Beatles expert, Wayland McQueen. Find out what Tim Chang thinks of "Yellow Submarine", how he relaxes on the freeway and what his absolute least favorite Beatles song is.

    1h 7m - Aug 2, 2012
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