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The Stoned & Unusual Podcast

The Stoned & Unusual Podcast is a podcast where i combined my two favorite things. My love for Cannabis and Cooking/Food. I'd love to take you all on the journey. So, if you like either of those, please stay tuned. I'm going to have interviews with growers. Tips and tricks. And maybe even some comedic relief.


Ep 12 Smoke Break Rant
Show Details19min 21s
Ep. 11 I Appreciate you, and you, but not you....
Show Details27min 35s
Ep 10 No Name
Show Details11min 6s
Smoke Break Session Ep. 11
Show Details7min 40s
Smoke Break EP. 10
Show Details14min 43s
Ep. 9 Flower Power
Show Details33min 44s
Ep. 8 Vegging Out
Show Details31min 17s
Ep.7 My Apology and Explaination
Show Details11min 48s
Ep. 6 Let's Talk Delta-8
Show Details26min 58s
Smoke Break EP 3
Show Details14min 6s
Ep. 5 What does the strain Name mean?
Show Details19min 17s
Foodie ASMR
Show Details6min 34s
Smoke Break Ep. 2
Show Details11min 13s
"Smoke Break" EP
Show Details10min 44s
Ep. 4 Cannabis Timeline
Show Details42min 55s
Ep. 3 Name of the Game...
Show Details54min 30s
Episode - 2 More Interesting Facts
Show Details22min 36s
Ep. 1 Some Facts About Cannabis
Show Details20min 37s
Ep. 0 Introduction
Show Details2min 7s