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EP60 "Keyan's Apple Info Dump & A Blast From The Past"
Show Details51min 4s
EP59 "Fast Charge Tech VS Better Battery Life"
Show Details54min 7s
EP58 "Did Google Deliver at This Year's I/O?"
Show Details59min 14s
EP57 "Experiencing The First Couple MetaVerse Events"
Show Details59min 59s
EP56 "Mobile Health Tech....Relevant or Nah?"
Show Details52min 54s
EP55 "What's About To Happen To Our Beloved Twitter?"
Show Details56min 41s
EP54 "He Say...She Say...Tech Myths & Misconceptions"
Show Details58min 24s
EP53 "Overpriced or Underdelivered? Perceived Value in Today's Tech"
Show Details57min 44s
EP52 "Remove Stuff From Box, Make $$$..Apple Logic"
Show Details57min 29s
EP51 "Apple's Peak performance Event, Samsung has Issues "
Show Details48min 37s
EP50 "Spotify the New King Of Podcasts, Trump Launches Own Social Media Site"
Show Details1hr 6min
EP49"The Big Samsung Drop, NFT's For Advertising"
Show Details57min 46s
EP48 "The Pixel 6 problem, Twitter lets you downvote"
Show Details1hr 5min
EP47 "Microsoft Purchases Activision/Blizzard, Twitter embraces NFTs"
Show Details48min 28s
EP46 "PC Gaming at an all Time high, Innovation for 2022"
Show Details57min 39s
EP45 "Samsung Takes Foldables to the Next Level, Apple promotes Bullying w iMessage"
Show Details53min 46s
EP44 "New Year, New Tech. Apple Caps 3Trillion, Samsung enters NFT Game"
Show Details57min 40s
EP43 "From Pandemic to Endemic, Tech to bring us into 2022"
Show Details1hr 3min
EP42 "Foldables, Rollables, & Sliders: Game-Changing Tech for 2022"
Show Details48min 48s
EP41 "End of Year Tech Blues"
Show Details1hr 5min
EP40 "Holidays 2021 VS Supply Chain Crisis"
Show Details1hr 2min
EP39 "Are We Enjoying Our Tech?"
Show Details1hr 3min
EP38 "The Problem With Annual Updates"
Show Details59min 20s
EP37 "Are We Ready To Enter The MetaVerse?"
Show Details58min 39s
EP36 "FaceBook goes Meta as Microsoft Surpasses Apple"
Show Details55min 19s
EP35 "TechTober Events Week Part 2 Google & Samsung Events"
Show Details1hr 3min
EP34 "TechTober Events Week, First Up: Apple"
Show Details57min 40s
EP33 "The Most Toxic Place on The Internet: The Comment Section"
Show Details1hr 1min
EP32 "FaceBook is Down, Everybody Run to Twitter!"
Show Details48min 35s
EP31 "Microsoft Event, & High Refresh rates finally on iPhone"
Show Details57min 50s
EP30 "Apple's Newest Flagship, iPhone13 Enters The Arena"
Show Details51min 4s
Ep29 "Twitter Launches Suite of Paid Services"
Show Details57min 18s
Ep28 "Do Exclusive OEM Features Influence Tech Choices?"
Show Details43min 51s
Ep27 "Samsung's Big Gamble!!"
Show Details52min 2s
Ep26 "Smartphone Tech is Changing, Whether You Like It Or Not!"
Show Details58min 45s
Ep25 "The Age of Foldable Mobile Devices Is Upon Us!"
Show Details59min 3s
EP24 "The Entertainment Industry Vs Streaming Services"
Show Details56min 7s
EP23 "Google Pixel 6, And Custom Silicon"
Show Details48min
EP22 "PCs On The cloud, Valve's Steam Deck"
Show Details53min 38s
EP21 "That Tik Tok Money!"
Show Details55min
EP20 "Hot Beta Summer"
Show Details1hr 1min
EP19 "MWC, Windows 11, & 2nd Half ExTechtations"
Show Details41min 30s
EP18 "Tech For The Whip"
Show Details54min 19s
EP17 "Form & Function VS Same ol Same ol"
Show Details51min 16s
EP16 "For The Likes..."
Show Details1hr 2min
EP15 "Strange Bedfellows"
Show Details30min
EP14 "Service With A Smile"
Show Details58min 34s
EP13 "The Great OS Debate 2.0"
Show Details51min 49s
EP12 "Is Phone Addition Real?"
Show Details50min 10s
EP11 "Keyan Drinks The Apple Hype Juice!"
Show Details53min 51s
EP10 "Same Old, Same Old"
Show Details38min 3s
EP09 "The Skin You're In"
Show Details51min 35s
EP8 "Back 2 Work"
Show Details51min 15s
EP7 "Gaming in 2021 & New Samsung Midrangers"
Show Details57min 52s
EP6 "Snyder Cut, and Falcon & The Winter Soldier"
Show Details38min 6s
EP5 "My Content, My Way"
Show Details1hr 8min
EP4 "Bang For Your Buck"
Show Details48min 28s
EP3 Quality Control
Show Details55min 22s
Episode 1 "Reconnecting....."
Show Details52min 27s