TS4 EP 4 Romeo and Joliet Part 2

Season 4 | Episode 4
48m | Nov 21, 2023

The Shade searches for Dot while Dot searches for Theo. The Vamp discovers other fans of pockets, and everyone does their best to prove Shakespearean tropes are still funny....

Written By: Andrew Pond with Zach Osterman

Directed by: Andrew Pond

Starring: Chloe Adamo^, Jessica Lauren Fisher*, Daniel Houle*, Noelle Klyce, Zach Osterman^, Andrew Pond*, Rachael Proulx*, Julian Serna*, and Monica Szaflik

Foley: Lori Eyre*

Engineer: Daniel Houle

^ Indicates EFCT Artistic Associate

*Indicates EFCT Company Member

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