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Welcome to It's My Wrestling Podcast! I'm your host Chris Deez and I'll be bringing you a whole load of top wrestling guest interviews from past and present, news, reviews, lists and general wrestling nonsense! Check out some of my fantastic interviews with:- Eric Bischoff- Vickie Guerrero- Vince Russo- Lance Storm- Diamond Dallas Page- Nick Aldis- Marc Mero- Killian DainAmongst MANY others!


ROH's Rev Ron Hunt Shoots On ROH Hiatus, Shane Taylor Promotions, Diversity & More
Show Details50min 15s
Clip - Ricardo Rodriguez On His WWE Royal Rumble Appearance
Show Details2min 15s
Quiz My Ass Club Ep. 4
Show Details1hr 27min
Madi Wrenkowski Talks Working In AEW, Thunder Rosa, Jazz, Womens Wrestling & More
Show Details35min 46s
Reupload -WWE's Jazz Talks Womens Wrestling, Diversity, Retirement, ECW & More
Show Details47min 59s
Top 10 WWE Intercontinental Champions
Show Details25min 53s
Clip - Bill Apter Shares Thoughts On WWE Day One, Brock Lesnar, Lashley
Show Details1min 5s
Special One Stop Wrestling Announcement!
Show Details8min 24s
Bill Apter Talks PWI 500, WWE Day One, Vince McMahon Sr, AEW vs WWE & More
Show Details56min 25s
Chelsea Green, Rosemary & Tasha Steelz Hype Up Womens Ultimate X Match
Show Details3min 17s
End Of Year Awards 2021 Part 3
Show Details28min 8s
Clip - WWE's Jazz Talks Diversity In Wrestling
Show Details1min 34s
End Of Year Awards 2021 Part 2
Show Details28min 16s
End Of Year Awards 2021 Part 1
Show Details39min 12s
Quiz My Ass Club Ep. 3
Show Details1hr 23min
Merry Christmas!
Show Details1min 3s
WWE's Jazz Talks Womens Wrestling, Diversity, Retirement, ECW & More!
Show Details47min 59s
Shane Taylor Talks ROH Closure, Keith Lee, STP Future, Diversity In Wrestling & More
Show Details45min 10s
ECW December To Dismember Retro Review
Show Details1hr 13min
Clip - The Godfather Shares Owen Hart Memories
Show Details1min 37s
Indie Wrestling Spotlight - Brian Aidenson
Show Details43min 54s
Clip - DDP Shoots On Jeff Hardy
Show Details1min 18s
Clip - Mike Bennett Shoots On Triple H, WWE NXT & Vince McMahon
Show Details2min 34s
Clip - Larry Zbyszko Talks Filing A Lawsuit Against Chris Jericho & WWE!
Show Details1min 36s
Clip - Vince Russo Shoots On WWE Hall Of Fame & Vince McMahon
Show Details2min 52s
Clip - Vickie Guerrero Shoots on WWE Exit & Joining AEW
Show Details1min 34s
Clip - Marc Mero Shoots On Vince McMahon 1994 Drug Trial
Show Details3min 12s
Clip - WWE Legend Dr Tom Prichard Shoots On Bad Bunny
Show Details1min 21s
Clip - Maria Kanellis Talks Playboy 2008 Shoot
Show Details4min 37s
Clip - Jeff Jarrett Shoots On The AEW Owen Hart Cup
Show Details2min 19s
Clip - Mike Chioda On Dropping The People's Elbow With The Rock
Show Details29s
Clip - James Ellsworth Reveals All On Carmella Money In The Bank Controversy
Show Details1min 42s
Larry Zbyszko Talks Ric Flair, Bruno Sammartino, Arn Anderson, Modern Wrestling & More
Show Details55min 39s
Indie Wrestling Spotlight - Greywolf Raventhorne
Show Details46min 55s
Quiz My Ass Club Ep. 2
Show Details1hr 1min
Charlie Haas Talks Gable Steveson, Kurt Angle, WWE Tag Teams, SWE Fury & More
Show Details44min 50s
WWE Survivor Series Supershow
Show Details1hr 5min
Jeff Jarrett Talks AEW Owen Hart Cup, WWE Releases, WCW & More
Show Details12min 59s
AEW Full Gear 2021 Media Call
Show Details1hr 2min
Is Brock Lesnar WWE's Most Underrated Superstar of All Time?
Show Details10min 28s
Mike Bennett Talks WWE Release, Working With Maria, Triple H,. ROH & More
Show Details44min 37s
5 WWE Wrestlers Who Shook Off The TNA Stink
Show Details8min 5s
Maria Kanellis Talks ROH, Playboy, Donald Trump, WWE 24/7 Title & More
Show Details57min 10s
It's My Wrestling Podcast Q&A
Show Details1hr 13min
Dr. Tom Prichard Talks Training The Rock, Stone Cold, Working With Jim Cornette & More
Show Details1hr 20min
WWE NXT 2.0 First Month In Review
Show Details1hr 2min
The Godfather Talks WWE, Friendship with The Undertaker, Working with The Rock & More
Show Details34min 12s
Quiz My Ass Club Ep. 1
Show Details1hr 8min
WCW's Crowbar Talks Vince Russo & Jim Cornette, Early ECW Days, Daffney Unger, WWF & More
Show Details1hr 10min
WWE's Mike Chioda Talks Staying Loyal, WWE Releases, Working For AEW, The Rock & More
Show Details39min 54s
WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Review
Show Details1hr 40min
WWE's Eugene Talks Vince McMahon, Working With The Rock, Special Needs & More
Show Details40min 19s
WWE Year In Review - 2001 - 20 Years On
Show Details1hr 20min
Ring of Honor's Will Ferrara Talks ROH Pure, ROH Dojo, Jay Lethal, AEW/NJPW & More
Show Details54min 39s
Ring of Honors Amy Rose Talks Womens Wrestling, AEW, LFI, Maria Kanellis & More
Show Details32min 29s
WWE's Killian Dain Talks WWE Release, Nikki A.S.H, Sanity & More
Show Details54min 3s
Josh Alexander - Impact X Division Champion Talks #Slammiversary
Show Details15min 31s
WWE's Jimmy Korderas Talks Owen Hart Tragedy, AEW Referees, Vince McMahon & Roman Reigns
Show Details1hr 14min
Chris Van Vliet Talks Interviewing John Cena, The Rock, Working For AEW & More
Show Details55min 2s
Lance Storm Talks Jim Cornette, WCW Invasion, WWE Releases & More
Show Details1hr 28min
James Ellsworth Talks WWE Money In The Bank Controversy, Carmella, Jon Moxley & More
Show Details41min 2s
DDP Talks Working With Darby Allin in AEW, DDP Yoga, Monday Night Wars & Jake the Snake
Show Details57min 47s
Vickie Guerrero Talks Eddie Guerrero, Andrade In AEW, her Time With WWE & More
Show Details49min 6s
Al Snow Talks Wrestlers Not Carimg About Fans, JOB Squad, Head Character & More
Show Details1hr 23min
Womens Wrestling Wrap-up "August 21" With Nadia Sapphire
Show Details1hr 3min
Vince Russo Talks WWE Hall of Fame, Roman Reigns, Vince McMahon, WWE Ratings & More
Show Details53min 14s