Episode 63: Kim Ross of the J Creek Cloggers

49m | Jun 28, 2022

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/28 - Kim Ross of the J Creek Cloggers


This week's episode explores the world of Appalachian dance, and why it is so important to keep the culture alive.

The Gateway to the Smokies Podcast is proud to introduce our special guest today, Kim Ross. Kim has roots firmly entrenched in the Southern Appalachians. A native of Snowflake Virginia, not far from the historic Carter Family Fold and the birthplace of country music on the Tennessee- Virginia border, Kim grew up loving old-time music, Appalachian culture, and especially traditional mountain dancing. Today she resides with her family in Waynesville, N.C., and perpetuates her family legacy by managing and dancing with the iconic J Creek Cloggers. 

Kim Ross will discuss the rich history and culture of the Southern Appalachian region while sharing the stories of their ancestors and their passion for mountain dance music.


Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.



Kim Ross grew up in Snowflake, Virginia. When she hit her teenage years she started to visit Carter's Fold. She remembers seeing people from Ireland, etc. to be a part of this historical event. The Carter family is preserving a lot of history such as Johnny Cash’s rocking chair.


Her father was a tenant farmer, meaning that his family didn’t own the land. He would flat-foot dance to make money for his family growing up. Ross recalls that she also caught on to flat footing as a child with no lessons. Zeb and Levi Ross were her kids and she taught them traditional dance to preserve culture. Ross started the J Creek Cloggers, the J is short for Jonathan Creek. The people she works with include teenagers who genuinely care about learning. The audience is taught traditional steps, butt dancing, and flat footing. These steps stretch out into cultures such as the Cherokee, Scottish, and Irish.


A popular video of her son Seb on tiktok. Jason Jordan approached them whilst they were dancing to record Seb. As a consequence, their Instagram blew up and Ross got to explore other social media platforms. They have had the opportunities to shoot music videos with up-and-coming artists and appeared in commercials. Hillbilly Crypt dancing became a coined term for Seb’s dancing. Ross praises his unique look with a mullet and smile being a part of his viral success. Ross encouraged him to find his unique dance moves to keep up with the freestyle tradition.


She connects her dancing with her pottery as both deal with movement. She also got her kids to do pottery at Good Earth in Hazelwood. For photographs, she loves to go to Devil’s Courthouse and any of the local places such as Jonathan Creek.



00:00:37.080 –> 00:00:37.740 Joseph McElroy: howdy.

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00:00:47.670 –> 00:00:54.300 Joseph McElroy: The great smoky mountain national park and the surrounding towns, this area is filled with ancient natural beauty.

00:00:54.660 –> 00:00:59.850 Joseph McElroy: A deep-storied history and rich mountain cultures that we explore with weekly episodes.

00:01:00.240 –> 00:01:12.210 Joseph McElroy: I am Joseph Franklin McElroy, a man of the world, but also deep roots in these mountains my family’s lived in the great smoky mountains, for over 200 years my business is in travel, but my heart is in culture.

00:01:12.720 –> 00:01:21.030 Joseph McElroy: Today we’re going to talk with Kim Ross about the J creek cloggers viral sensation the first a few messages and some events.

00:01:21.630 –> 00:01:31.980 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place evocative of motor courts of the past and modern and vibrant with a chic Appalachian feel a place of adventure and relaxation.

00:01:32.670 –> 00:01:42.030 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place where you can fish in the mountain heritage stream grill the catch on fire enjoy it with fine wines and craft beers.

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00:03:03.270 –> 00:03:04.290 Joseph McElroy: So events coming up.

00:03:05.910 –> 00:03:15.720 Joseph McElroy: In two weeks on Julya 9 we have wildcrafting and mother nature’s natural garden program with legendary I look at.

00:03:16.860 –> 00:03:32.730 Joseph McElroy: It starts at 10 am on July 9 and the fee and the features, the island who’s a legendary white wild fasting expert renowned author filmmaker instructor include quick tour guide for the great smoky mountain National Park field school.

00:03:34.170 –> 00:03:42.360 Joseph McElroy: She is an expert on edible plants, but this know herbs or anything pertaining to wildcraft orgy an Appalachian.

00:03:43.440 –> 00:03:51.120 Joseph McElroy: Plants and trees and the flowers, she has been featured on TV print radio and all sorts of things.

00:03:52.770 –> 00:03:59.970 Joseph McElroy: And she is an iconic female that will soon be featured of the smokies will soon be featuring one of our themed rooms.

00:04:01.140 –> 00:04:05.520 Joseph McElroy: She is will be presenting their beloved program called mother nature’s natural garden.

00:04:05.940 –> 00:04:19.980 Joseph McElroy: Which is about forging and natural herbs and things that are in these mountains and then she’s gonna lead a short tour of on the grounds of the metal or motel and there are surrounding areas to forage for.

00:04:20.760 –> 00:04:34.350 Joseph McElroy: A nature’s bounty and to make something of that, and you can learn how to find great things in your own backyard, then the event culminates with the bbq supper and music by Michael real tree and his friends on Saturday.

00:04:35.160 –> 00:04:43.260 Joseph McElroy: Efficient dimension is just 20 bucks for a person for for those who are not guests, but guests and inheritance club Members are free.

00:04:43.620 –> 00:05:06.720 Joseph McElroy: So that’s July 9 that starting at 10am be sure to call eight to 89261717 to get your space now on July 30 this is relevant to this program you guys got to come, but we’re going to have the J creek cloggers the viral sensation here dancing from 7:30pm to 9pm at the pavilion.

00:05:08.280 –> 00:05:14.850 Joseph McElroy: And it’s it’s a it’s a great town heritage event and will also include the Barbecue dinner.

00:05:15.960 –> 00:05:25.200 Joseph McElroy: and on Saturday night, starting at if you come early at six and then the dancing and musical started 730.

00:05:25.830 –> 00:05:31.740 Joseph McElroy: It will they will provide the J street Congress will perform multiple examples of traditional mountain dancing.

00:05:32.220 –> 00:05:42.690 Joseph McElroy: As well as teaching the audience several fun dance steps we group leader Kim Ross is will be now will also give a short talk on the history and tradition to mountain dancing.

00:05:43.140 –> 00:05:49.320 Joseph McElroy: grab your partner and come and join us for a memorable fun filled up with dining and dancing.

00:05:49.800 –> 00:06:06.390 Joseph McElroy: The mission is free for hotel guests, as it always is, and heritage club members and $20 per person for people that just want to come and have a night out of the night out and do some mountain heritage again call eight to 89261717 to get your spot.

00:06:07.650 –> 00:06:20.610 Joseph McElroy: And then also reserve a room, if you want to stay overnight, and then August 12 through the 13th we’re having a great songwriters cramp camp here and it’s going to feature some grammy award-winning artists.

00:06:21.300 –> 00:06:29.160 Joseph McElroy: Jim Lauderdale there was a legendary songwriter who wrote a lot of George strait’s hits and Charles Humphrey the third.

00:06:29.610 –> 00:06:38.430 Joseph McElroy: who’s another grammy award-winning winner, along with other award-winning artists like Darren Nicholson balsam range playbills and Charles Chamberlain.

00:06:38.670 –> 00:06:46.230 Joseph McElroy: it’s an event, if you’re interested in writing songs you cannot get a better education than these guys are going to be able to give you.

00:06:46.680 –> 00:06:55.350 Joseph McElroy: it’s a two-day event of interactive story writing instruction with world-class musicians and they will also help you produce a DEMO tape.

00:06:55.710 –> 00:07:02.340 Joseph McElroy: and have a takeaway of a DEMO tape and then you have some concert by songs from the spread ban on Friday night.

00:07:02.760 –> 00:07:07.980 Joseph McElroy: And then, and then a Saturday night there will be a Barbecue dinner and an all-star concept of all these guys.

00:07:08.910 –> 00:07:20.970 Joseph McElroy: Making it a unique event like no other and space is very limited, so the price is 7675 per person for the education and DEMO tape and the fun.

00:07:21.840 –> 00:07:32.310 Joseph McElroy: And there are also tickets available for just the concerts call eight to 89261717 to get your space reserve a room or just reserve the.

00:07:32.670 –> 00:07:38.820 Joseph McElroy: position of the camp and come and really experienced something that you’re not going to find many times in your life.

00:07:39.600 –> 00:07:51.450 Joseph McElroy: So today we were talking about the jquery cloggers well, we have the founder of the J Creek Cloggers Kim Ross Woody has firmly entrenched the southern Appalachian.

00:07:52.020 –> 00:08:02.400 Joseph McElroy: a native of snowflake Virginia not far from the historic Carter family fold and the birthplace of country music of the Tennessee-Virginia border.

00:08:02.670 –> 00:08:09.570 Joseph McElroy: Kim grew up loving old times using Appalachian culture and especially traditional mountain dance.

00:08:10.110 –> 00:08:24.870 Joseph McElroy: Does he resides with the family in Waynesville North Carolina and perpetuates her family legacy, by managing dancing with the iconic J Creek Cloggers. How are you doing Kim? Thank you yeah yeah oh yeah it’s been an exciting time.

00:08:26.220 –> 00:08:27.240 Joseph McElroy: it’s been overwhelming.

00:08:28.890 –> 00:08:38.010 Joseph McElroy: Well we’ll get into the viral sensation but let’s find a little bit about your background I like to find out more about our guests, and you know their history and their love for Appalachian.

00:08:38.580 –> 00:08:45.510 Joseph McElroy: trail I grew up as you said and stuff like Virginia, which is about two hours from here across the Kingsport Tennessee LAN.

00:08:45.960 –> 00:08:54.270 Joseph McElroy: Scott county Virginia Southwest Virginia part home to mother, my bell card or she was actually born in Scott county and Nichols build Virginia.

00:08:54.780 –> 00:09:04.170 Joseph McElroy: And everybody knows them ap and Sarah Carter mother, my bell went on, of course, with the music and the recordings in Bristol.

00:09:04.620 –> 00:09:15.180 Joseph McElroy: But the historic Carter family fold is in Hilton's Virginia and it started in the 70s, they preserve the old style and bluegrass music and it’s all acoustic.

00:09:15.840 –> 00:09:26.850 Joseph McElroy: Nothing, you know can be plugged in they want the real deal stringed instruments and you’ll see some of the finest flat foot and but dancing they come from all over the world.

00:09:27.360 –> 00:09:30.600 Joseph McElroy: Just to come, this one place, which is practically a huge barn.

00:09:31.350 –> 00:09:38.490 Joseph McElroy: Yes, and it can hold I think about 2000 people every Saturday night, they have a live show with different bands.

00:09:38.850 –> 00:09:46.680 Joseph McElroy: Either bluegrass were all the time, but if you look up Carter family followed on the Internet you’ll see there so show schedule that’s and stuff like.

00:09:47.340 –> 00:09:59.880 Joseph McElroy: That and he’ll do in the same town in Georgia snow like was part of that and Nicholas bills part of that counter mother Michael Carter this why what was your temples go for it I’m not sure I think.

00:10:01.050 –> 00:10:11.760 Joseph McElroy: The houses were at one time, but it says the elevation we go a little more snow the houses, I was told was painted white he and then the purity of the people that like.

00:10:13.980 –> 00:10:23.070 Joseph McElroy: it’s not yeah I love snowflakes I still go back and visit when I can, and all the roads that you’ve got like bobsled road Jingle bell road, so you know.

00:10:25.830 –> 00:10:31.860 Joseph McElroy: frosty road some kind of the main sport is a little bit of a tourist destination, or is it just out of the way it.

00:10:32.760 –> 00:10:41.100 Joseph McElroy: sounds like not as much, but if you go on up into Nichols feel they have a famous restaurant it’s just a little restaurant commentating anybody come from all over.

00:10:41.490 –> 00:10:54.840 Joseph McElroy: to eat some other home cooked meals so that’s our job easier right right yeah yeah yeah so this Carter folded you go there, often as a child, I did once I hit my teens teenage years I did a lot and.

00:10:55.350 –> 00:11:03.840 Joseph McElroy: The people there are just found fun people and then to see the others come from Ireland, China, Japan everywhere, just to be a part of.

00:11:04.380 –> 00:11:08.670 Joseph McElroy: The Carter family history because Johnny cash, of course, Mary Jean Carter.

00:11:09.270 –> 00:11:22.350 Joseph McElroy: So you have that involvement, he did come to the Carver folds he actually had a house a stadium barfing did you get to see it, I did actually I got to see his last performance, to my knowledge, was at the Carter vote before he passed away and I.

00:11:23.490 –> 00:11:33.840 Joseph McElroy: know that Johnny cash actually came to us oh wow my grandmother, the first woman broker real estate broker to spend the state of North Carolina.

00:11:34.320 –> 00:11:42.570 Joseph McElroy: Actually, showed him around and showed improperly, wow right yeah I don’t know why to use it was probably interesting as a ghost town with sphere, and we had a.

00:11:43.050 –> 00:11:51.150 Joseph McElroy: Number of movie stars come here and started doing stuff and they were doing some lots of entertainment at the time, so that’s probably why was it I don’t know the full story, but I do.

00:11:52.050 –> 00:11:58.770 Joseph McElroy: tell me that they were very down to earth and john jr I know he when he was younger before he had married.

00:11:59.490 –> 00:12:07.530 Joseph McElroy: My friend and I actually were on the floor dancing when we were talking and he got out, he was shuffling around you know, having a good time, but they were very down-to-earth people.

00:12:08.130 –> 00:12:11.370 Joseph McElroy: But I can’t say enough about the Carter folks are trying to preserve.

00:12:12.300 –> 00:12:22.860 Joseph McElroy: Joe and Jeanette the original ones that had built the quarter fault, have passed away and she admits daughter Rita is running it now oh cool but it’s wonderful because they’re preserving.

00:12:23.640 –> 00:12:37.440 Joseph McElroy: You know old-time music bluegrass music, the history behind that Johnny cash is rocking chairs up there in the cabin so there’s a lot of history, I have a museum, what about the middle of nowhere yeah out the middle of nowhere practically what I call a cow pasture.

00:12:38.580 –> 00:12:43.200 Joseph McElroy: Well, this will go take a break now okay all right we’ll come back we’ll talk about your history alright sounds good.

00:14:59.010 –> 00:15:12.510 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest Kim Ross. so Kim so you started learning to dance pretty young, right? well, I grew up in a family that danced with my dad.

00:15:13.050 –> 00:15:19.320 Joseph McElroy: was actually a tenant farmer his family was growing up, so they didn’t own the land, but they work the land for people and Nicholas bill.

00:15:19.740 –> 00:15:22.620 Joseph McElroy: And he was one of the best flat photos I’ve ever seen.

00:15:23.100 –> 00:15:30.540 Joseph McElroy: They actually would put him up on the box I’ve heard the stories as a child and people would throw nickels and he would make money for his family that way.

00:15:30.750 –> 00:15:46.890 Joseph McElroy: So I grew up flat footing and just grew up in a family, I never had lessons didn’t know that there were certain names for movements yeah just and then of course going to the Carter fall just was a big influence that was a big yeah identify with that you know that.

00:15:48.060 –> 00:15:58.680 Joseph McElroy: You know, we had the playhouse here, we had rabid Fairchild is here, yes, so I would yeah I grew up going to the playhouse just learned to do some I think.

00:15:59.700 –> 00:16:06.450 Joseph McElroy: I told you before I can’t even do the double-tap but I know how to you know shuffle around pretty good.

00:16:09.840 –> 00:16:11.040 Joseph McElroy: New York City, I can take it.

00:16:15.780 –> 00:16:25.260 Joseph McElroy: But there are some pretty bad, so there was no, no, but that was good, you know but.

00:16:26.580 –> 00:16:44.790 Joseph McElroy: You actually moved here today, which is about 30 some years ago, I was just you know was sharing and just wanting to see different places and I’m in the medical field, so I got on at St joseph’s hospital there and Asheville and I went to a street Vance Joseph queen was called.

00:16:46.620 –> 00:16:56.850 Joseph McElroy: Say wow and I met the boy’s Father there at the street dance a long time ago and state, of course, and had two children and homeschool right.

00:16:57.210 –> 00:17:08.670 Joseph McElroy: They heavenly fire off and during the homeschool in tongues but didn’t from start to finish, I wanted them to learn, you know about dance and music they actually play the music they had a band too.

00:17:09.330 –> 00:17:23.760 Joseph McElroy: And about 13 years ago I started my dance team, of course, and it was from my end plus preserved and what I call traditional freestyle dance right to carry it on and teach my kids and educate them, otherwise I think it’s going to be a lost art if we don’t know.

00:17:24.900 –> 00:17:36.330 Joseph McElroy: yeah well that’s what we’re going to promote it here because I believe it is very much yeah so so 30 some years ago, you came here and gotten started to get an immersive dance culture, yes.

00:17:37.470 –> 00:17:48.420 Joseph McElroy: And you know what side you know I love Haywood county and bulk edit have live yeah Friday nights when an angel has live screen during the war bogs.

00:17:48.990 –> 00:17:59.130 Joseph McElroy: an actual have the shindig on the great and then I know we can’t have taken in the park on Friday night yeah yes wide variety so let’s be.

00:18:00.240 –> 00:18:05.100 Joseph McElroy: dancing in the streets and being made, I think it is and it’s great.

00:18:05.730 –> 00:18:18.570 Joseph McElroy: yeah especially postcode but now people want to get out and they’re enjoying it and the one thing that my team does is actually teach with the audience out and teach them these routines some of the footwork and I love it yeah love it.

00:18:19.470 –> 00:18:32.580 Joseph McElroy: So I know that you’re immersed in the history of this now right yeah that’s how you did a podcast on the history of the plugin Haywood county yeah can you give me like the one-minute spiel about.

00:18:35.550 –> 00:18:38.790 Joseph McElroy: The dance things really started here in Haywood County and the end.

00:18:39.780 –> 00:18:43.530 Joseph McElroy: and Joe same Queens family was big for that to you know big into that part.

00:18:43.740 –> 00:18:56.460 Joseph McElroy: And in 1939 FDR was in an office king and Queen of England was on the way to Canada you want it to catch him to talk about Germany he and when he got them there and I think it’s been there only visit your ever.

00:18:56.940 –> 00:19:09.030 Joseph McElroy: And he brought in the concrete girls all-female string band and soco get bloggers or from a wood county you so they represented up their dance for the King and queen he fed them dots.

00:19:09.780 –> 00:19:15.540 Joseph McElroy: And they later said it was the picnic that one the war because they did ally with us later with Germany.

00:19:16.920 –> 00:19:24.540 Joseph McElroy: You know I’ve always said Haywood county is huge, you know the dance team competitions and the team started here and then basketball marlins for with.

00:19:25.080 –> 00:19:33.480 Joseph McElroy: You know in Asheville with the shindig and the smoky mountain folk festival, and then the team dances competitions and then go into the White House what more could you.

00:19:34.050 –> 00:19:41.940 Joseph McElroy: know and we’re trying to preserve that because it was freestyle bands, which means that works all unique 80s and 90s, we had a lot of the World Championship yes.

00:19:44.730 –> 00:19:51.270 Joseph McElroy: Yes, stomping around oh yeah are there on Saturday Saturday nights it used to be six days a week.

00:19:53.040 –> 00:20:04.140 Joseph McElroy: yeah that was pretty amazing, but now kozel which is 90 now so he’s probably I guess yeah yeah yeah and he still keeps single one and.

00:20:04.980 –> 00:20:07.770 Joseph McElroy: Inside of that building beautiful place to go Nice.

00:20:08.640 –> 00:20:21.360 Joseph McElroy: cool yes, so you started the J Creek Cloggers, yep, which is short for Jonathan creek which runs right in the back of the motel all the way down what’s called down the gravel.

00:20:21.840 –> 00:20:38.130 Joseph McElroy: yeah so in perspective, but people aren’t 40 it’s the exit 20 Maggie Valley exit you can come off and Jonathan creek runs a whole thing and then console into it, but most of us for from that area when I started the team 13 years, so we well you know I grew up.

00:20:39.150 –> 00:20:46.260 Joseph McElroy: There too yeah pretty proud of that creaking yes yeah it was most of it so.

00:20:47.340 –> 00:20:59.820 Joseph McElroy: What do you said you want to preserve the culture, but it was there any kind of catalyst that said just do this well I just you know, preserving the culture it’s also a good social means because I was homeschool my children.

00:21:00.570 –> 00:21:12.480 Joseph McElroy: You know, and to see now that we’ve grown from six to eight people when I started to 35, 40 people and a lot of them are teenagers to upset their electronics aside.

00:21:15.120 –> 00:21:28.950 Joseph McElroy: and learn the culture, learn the dance and be educated on it and they want to do it so yeah oh yeah yeah I think that dances become popular in our culture, again, it is yeah I’ll sudden now you know.

00:21:29.820 –> 00:21:37.980 Joseph McElroy: Each routine has a meaning when you do ride some laughs and other things there’s a meaning behind that teach that to the people on the team, but you know I.

00:21:38.880 –> 00:21:49.410 Joseph McElroy: I thought was interesting looking at yeah I haven’t seen you live, yet, but you’re gonna be here till July it’s already I’ll be there yeah and you can teach my little three and a half-year-olds to call.

00:21:51.270 –> 00:21:53.940 Joseph McElroy: audience, we want to evolve it yeah.

00:21:54.420 –> 00:22:01.290 Joseph McElroy: So, but you get the audience directly involved by teaching them to additional steps yes.

00:22:01.500 –> 00:22:09.120 Joseph McElroy: teaching them about history of each of the styles right we do because there’s been advance and there’s flat foot and the clogging board actually the.

00:22:09.330 –> 00:22:14.370 Joseph McElroy: Queen of England coin that she was over you’re visiting she said that looks a lot like clogging.

00:22:14.670 –> 00:22:22.830 Joseph McElroy: So the clogging sort of got coined by her, but I started out flat foot, which I still do it’s an old style of what what is difference between flat.

00:22:23.520 –> 00:22:27.750 Joseph McElroy: Keep your with flat, but you keep your feet two inches from the floor, no more.

00:22:27.990 –> 00:22:39.900 Joseph McElroy: Right it’s mostly your lower body that works your legs and very little movement from your upper body, whereas, but thanks to this more exaggerated it’s a lot of movement and you bring your feet, more than two inches off the floor.

00:22:40.920 –> 00:22:44.100 Joseph McElroy: sort of what lessons, they have does is more what we call advances.

00:22:44.730 –> 00:22:54.150 Joseph McElroy: flat foot and come out of the Scottish Irish I think yeah I think it’s a mixed even the Cherokee yeah movements, like us, and then you get back in the mountains, you can even tell.

00:22:54.510 –> 00:23:02.580 Joseph McElroy: People who are from canton by the style of dance versus people from cloud or wines what’s really cool so it’s just my style the town’s every.

00:23:04.770 –> 00:23:12.750 Joseph McElroy: Word networks created a sort of style here right yeah yeah he was famous for putting the water put on his head thanks to with other phone.

00:23:16.050 –> 00:23:23.310 Joseph McElroy: did a great job with that yeah wow wow so so you know.

00:23:26.160 –> 00:23:31.050 Joseph McElroy: You see, you already explained how clogged came about right, I have is that why.

00:23:31.620 –> 00:23:42.270 Joseph McElroy: because she said that is not why it is with coins that you know as far as the movement was similar to what they did I think in England, but we have our own style but but but Nancy.

00:23:42.870 –> 00:23:46.740 Joseph McElroy: You know I tell people that we have people on the team that strictly flat foot.

00:23:47.160 –> 00:23:53.730 Joseph McElroy: We have people that strictly but Vance we have people that combine the two yeah so it’s really nice because we’re freestyle which means we’re not.

00:23:54.000 –> 00:24:04.110 Joseph McElroy: we’re not in unison with our footwork but we’re in the same seat now there’s other stuff called stop this what is that i’m not sure I think that’s just more word right but do a lot of stop and.

00:24:05.580 –> 00:24:05.910 Joseph McElroy: Make sure.

00:24:07.410 –> 00:24:17.220 Joseph McElroy: everybody’s got different names for things I knew clog dancing I knew I knew flatfooted wasn’t as much prevalent when I was growing up target above it but they.

00:24:18.240 –> 00:24:29.190 Joseph McElroy: do about it and there are so many names that may not somebody says, but whatever and i’m like I didn’t grow up with names I just grew up dancing you know, everybody has coined little movement so.

00:24:29.700 –> 00:24:39.450 Joseph McElroy: there’s multiple names out there for stuff so you started this 13 years ago, which means you got into the mix right yes and you’ve been I guess then you’ve been.

00:24:40.230 –> 00:24:43.830 Joseph McElroy: you’ve been performing all over North Carolina the various festivals like phone.

00:24:44.250 –> 00:24:54.870 Joseph McElroy: Number yeah all over we’ve we’ve been to the library dice frankie Griffin down male married we go into Virginia dance Tennessee South Carolina and that’s before anything went viral.

00:24:55.440 –> 00:25:00.060 Joseph McElroy: We were you know going around and week we were different color we don’t have to say you.

00:25:00.600 –> 00:25:12.300 Joseph McElroy: are more traditional kind of outfits and lots of color wow cool yeah So what is it what is your what are your favorite festivals, what are the ones you recommend people go see oh wow there’s some.

00:25:13.290 –> 00:25:20.220 Joseph McElroy: I know we have one coming up and deals are actually that I love it’s coming up, I think, July 15 and then the Mount airy one that.

00:25:21.750 –> 00:25:25.770 Joseph McElroy: was a close deals, for I think it’s just the arts and crafts festival, and they have a slayer.

00:25:26.670 –> 00:25:40.110 Joseph McElroy: And it’s I believe it’s July 15 will be in pigeon forge this coming weekend all right, and we have a big thing coming up July that I’m excited about the first time ever we’re doing it it’s on the side, or they wanted three a meet and greet.

00:25:41.310 –> 00:25:52.800 Joseph McElroy: stomping grounds cool you get to make the team have pictures my with us and get out and dance with it, what time is that 123 o’clock 123 yeah look come at 10am to go.

00:25:54.210 –> 00:25:54.870 Joseph McElroy: learn how to.

00:25:57.390 –> 00:25:59.460 Joseph McElroy: go over there, they come back for bbq.

00:26:01.290 –> 00:26:02.220 Joseph McElroy: i’ll be ready to eat.

00:26:03.990 –> 00:26:12.780 Joseph McElroy: that’s a damn and everybody, we got a fabulous day for you, I tell you one of the other festivals that was awesome is Darnell farms, I don’t know if you’re familiar.

00:26:13.230 –> 00:26:22.800 Joseph McElroy: But Oh, my goodness, I have strawberry festival yeah and will be at the watermelon festival coming up so there’s just too many tonight oh yeah there’s the apple for school but.

00:26:23.490 –> 00:26:30.000 Joseph McElroy: When we did the riot fest points go, Scott, the smoky mountain festival I think it’s coming back this year, like oh really yes.

00:26:31.740 –> 00:26:38.670 Joseph McElroy: Yes, fabulous yeah we do have a lot of them yeah you ever want to come to a county where you get festival down.

00:26:41.700 –> 00:26:49.530 Joseph McElroy: Which is great it’s great so yeah so and as any venues, you have to stop the ground right oh yeah stomping grounds.

00:26:50.250 –> 00:26:57.360 Joseph McElroy: But any other venues in western North Carolina that you think are just fabulous Well, I do have one into Andrews to Jamie’s picking green.

00:26:58.200 –> 00:27:12.660 Joseph McElroy: yeah it’s not as well known, I don’t think, but they have awesome music a fiddle player and he saw insider day that’s too, so we don’t get to go out with all difficult stomping ground yeah and wherever the mile high end as I love going there to.

00:27:16.530 –> 00:27:17.970 Joseph McElroy: play out to be.

00:27:19.650 –> 00:27:22.380 Joseph McElroy: with you to take another break we’ll come back talk about the.

00:29:31.140 –> 00:29:37.650 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back to the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest Kim Ross.

00:29:38.160 –> 00:29:47.400 Joseph McElroy: So you know Kim, you know I’m impressed by you know you don’t do you don’t necessarily do this for a living, but to do for hash yes and you’ve been involved.

00:29:47.940 –> 00:30:01.050 Joseph McElroy: You know, sharing knowledge sharing a passion for this dance of this music and I think that’s fabulous I think you’re doing a lot to distill that dispel the dumb hillbilly sharing.

00:30:01.980 –> 00:30:03.780 Joseph McElroy: Maybe what you can play hillbilly Jim right.

00:30:04.650 –> 00:30:14.850 Joseph McElroy: I believe it’s July 23 it’ll be out of here at the bag valley fairgrounds and will be there, I think it’s six o’clock Vance and I’m really excited yeah This is our first time being disobedient.

00:30:15.510 –> 00:30:41.550 Joseph McElroy: hillbilly jams, a great event huge stars come to hear people say oh yeah lots of man, will be dancer I think for about an hour, but recently right now that hillbilly myth has been hit dispelled, are you guys became essentially world famous due to to a video of your son said yes.

00:30:43.320 –> 00:30:50.790 Joseph McElroy: dancing with the J creek Cloggers and went viral tell me about that Okay, so we were at Darnell farms of bras and city and mark.

00:30:52.080 –> 00:30:57.120 Joseph McElroy: doing our thing just dancing as usual and somebody approached Jason Jordan, I think, was his name.

00:30:57.600 –> 00:31:12.960 Joseph McElroy: I product to say we didn’t know him is from Georgia visiting he said, can I feel you all and we’re used to being filmed all the time, so I filmed and about a week later, you know I got woke up in the middle of night and said, your sons went viral and I thought Oh, is he sick.

00:31:15.000 –> 00:31:20.520 Joseph McElroy: Now, and they’re like no check out chick talk I said I don’t know what it is don’t know what instagram me.

00:31:21.630 –> 00:31:31.320 Joseph McElroy: So I got a tik tok account, I saw it I’m like Oh, my goodness that’s not the music that we were we were banjo and fiddle and they put it to the Hochstetler, yeah you know which was cool.

00:31:31.890 –> 00:31:42.870 Joseph McElroy: Man, this is really neat and somebody named eggs Tyrone on instagram I finally got an account in April and it’s like i’ve been looking for you guys he put i’m a thug by trick Daddy.

00:31:45.720 –> 00:31:56.580 Joseph McElroy: You know and i’m like Oh, my goodness, so two months and we’re at 120 7000 followers on instagram and millions upon millions of hits all these videos.

00:31:56.970 –> 00:32:12.300 Joseph McElroy: And it’s just been it’s been almost overwhelming I had to bring on the sand, because I know nothing about other than Facebook only social media ever well that’s what we grew up with, I mean we were there, the thousand so that’s our demographic yeah.

00:32:15.210 –> 00:32:15.600 Joseph McElroy: well.

00:32:16.680 –> 00:32:20.940 Joseph McElroy: I did have to kick 50,000 years but you pay for you, you got 100 million.

00:32:24.150 –> 00:32:39.570 Joseph McElroy: On me oh yeah and they just keep coming yeah we’ve shot several music videos with epic coming artists smile yeah fan in commercials products are being sent to us mail, you know to draw on and yeah yeah it’s been it’s been really good.

00:32:40.650 –> 00:32:49.800 Joseph McElroy: and your your son said he’s got it has become an icon and you got a new dictate what is that the legend calling the ledge oh really yes.

00:32:51.060 –> 00:33:02.910 Joseph McElroy: coin that Charles run from American song Kelly clarkson snoop dogg it on TV came and shot a video with us to his new book good song and he coins their village.

00:33:03.540 –> 00:33:18.030 Joseph McElroy: where it came from, and everybody on social media just started calling me back so therefore which the legends he does not have instagram everybody keeps asking he’s under the J creek clovers because that’s who he is he’s a machinist trade.

00:33:20.160 –> 00:33:20.550 Joseph McElroy: know.

00:33:21.600 –> 00:33:23.520 Joseph McElroy: 1012-hour shifts through the way.

00:33:24.960 –> 00:33:33.120 Joseph McElroy: yeah he’s loving it and you guys have a you have coined a firm called term called the hillbilly Chris walken what is that.

00:33:34.440 –> 00:33:41.250 Joseph McElroy: They had mentioned some of them had reached out to like Well he see dance Center he’s Chris walken i’m like i’m sure you know he’s been dancing.

00:33:41.550 –> 00:33:50.820 Joseph McElroy: But um I guess in different environments that’s what they call it, because he does, do you know funny stuff with his feet, is what I call it, we call it a spaghetti.

00:33:51.840 –> 00:34:02.160 Joseph McElroy: all over the place, so we call it the hillbilly quick quick walk yeah well, I saw a video of him doing it, he said he called it, he said it looks like a broken ankle it does.

00:34:02.700 –> 00:34:13.200 Joseph McElroy: That, but then he comes out and does with his feet yeah and it’s just like he’s floating on air, and if you notice his upper body movement doesn’t move if legend that would be the flat foot part of.

00:34:13.620 –> 00:34:19.500 Joseph McElroy: Phase one more but that’s another step and he said the secret was he’s actually I was totally yeah yeah.

00:34:23.370 –> 00:34:26.730 Joseph McElroy: Having the wallet and then his smile is just infectious.

00:34:27.750 –> 00:34:35.250 Joseph McElroy: You know so it’s just all rolled into one and it went and you’ve gotten to perform on stage with superstars like like Caroline killing Charles.

00:34:36.540 –> 00:34:50.580 Joseph McElroy: And then brandon being came he has a new hit out called blue collar squalor and he did the whole video here in South stopping really yes wow he’s got a new one come out I think don’t take my land coming out Monday next week you.

00:34:52.020 –> 00:35:03.690 Joseph McElroy: Have you finished still say security router right we have we have we already had bookings before we went viral will not turn those down we’ve had multiple offers that we’re going to fulfill everything we have.

00:35:04.110 –> 00:35:13.830 Joseph McElroy: we’re all about preserving tradition, will you you booked here after you do that yeah because we’re Maggie Valley yeah yep because we’re in your homes that.

00:35:14.190 –> 00:35:23.460 Joseph McElroy: We really appreciate, yes, we have that date, open to work really well yeah I think we’ve got an event earlier that day and then of course the so.

00:35:24.090 –> 00:35:33.180 Joseph McElroy: It went well, but we, you know we’re all when I call blue-collar workers, all of us have real jobs from roofers to the machine is to medical field and.

00:35:33.870 –> 00:35:43.620 Joseph McElroy: We just do this because we love it we want to preserve I think it’s considered Americana nail what we yeah it’s it’s because you do, because you.

00:35:54.990 –> 00:35:56.520 Joseph McElroy: want to stir.

00:35:57.540 –> 00:35:58.140 Joseph McElroy: The sickness.

00:36:00.360 –> 00:36:11.610 Joseph McElroy: fun to watch these in these I think they’re called means mimi’s I didn’t know that means he’s an all kinds of stuff now yeah it’s hilarious that’s a poor kid I wouldn’t be starting next.

00:36:12.570 –> 00:36:21.390 Joseph McElroy: week when he does interviews he’s like I was dancing and my mom was failing because I didn’t start until I gave birth to both of my kids but i’m probably when he was six or seven.

00:36:21.690 –> 00:36:35.850 Joseph McElroy: took an interest, and then, when he was a teenager when I started to really immerse yourself in it and I told him what I knew, but I said, you need to find your own unique style with your footwork that’s what makes us unique and we’re freestyle dancers, and he did.

00:36:37.260 –> 00:36:41.940 Joseph McElroy: Under the DNA just that you know he came up with his own little thing that he wanted to do when.

00:36:42.510 –> 00:36:58.260 Joseph McElroy: You see a lot of that during what we call our rise and shine which means our show off a portion of our routine that’s when you get to go out there and do your thing in front yeah we know when I was in New York, you know back in the day it’s different now but back in the day, you know.

00:36:59.430 –> 00:37:06.360 Joseph McElroy: Men didn’t really get a lot of places the United States didn’t get updates shops right yeah and I grew up buck dance right.

00:37:07.470 –> 00:37:11.880 Joseph McElroy: People do I would say, you know I from haywood county where men are not afraid to give up.

00:37:14.880 –> 00:37:20.190 Joseph McElroy: And we have we find that, as we go that people are really first they’re not sure like want to get up.

00:37:20.730 –> 00:37:27.450 Joseph McElroy: They see other people might just be and they have a blast I don’t want to sit back down well you know they’re they’re just they’re having fun and that’s what it’s all about.

00:37:27.810 –> 00:37:37.890 Joseph McElroy: And how does a typical show go where you teach people started out he can perform which we on track, we usually do at darnell farms, we have a two hour show, but most of our shows are an hour long.

00:37:38.490 –> 00:37:46.200 Joseph McElroy: So we go out their performance I speak a little bit and other performance and then we get the audience involved in my husband’s professional square dance color.

00:37:46.590 –> 00:37:53.160 Joseph McElroy: So he’ll get them out teach them the circle ups and then I do a little educational talk and then we ended with a performance.

00:37:53.490 –> 00:38:06.030 Joseph McElroy: So they get fully immersed in everything we do and plus I get to meet all of the dancing yeah all of us and we’re just we always called our social circle of friendship, I want everybody to come out there and it could be as kids as young this.

00:38:07.440 –> 00:38:17.340 Joseph McElroy: One of the children that started with me was two years old, and she said, think 12 or 13 now yeah cuz I got i’ve got a 30 year old son I should get him here dance.

00:38:18.030 –> 00:38:32.250 Joseph McElroy: But I do have three and a half year old twins right and anya my daughter is already like do ballet she loves the class, but he said he likes to do that just freestyle that’s good yeah goodness a perfect day yeah.

00:38:32.970 –> 00:38:35.010 Joseph McElroy: Good for they’re not bash for anything.

00:38:35.190 –> 00:38:41.970 Joseph McElroy: And one thing about the team i’ll say is we come from all walks of life with Italy everything else we leave it at the table and we cut.

00:38:42.060 –> 00:38:53.190 Joseph McElroy: The fellowship the music and dance, we made it work for 13 years yeah just just having a good time enjoying laugh together well it’s good that you have do you have any videos or or or.

00:38:53.910 –> 00:39:03.120 Joseph McElroy: recordings or anything that you’re done yourselves yeah we have somebody on the team vicki that actually records much to bark performances and so their own Facebook.

00:39:03.480 –> 00:39:09.600 Joseph McElroy: jquery Congress instagram jquery cloggers tick tock tick tock are so there’s plenty of videos out there.

00:39:10.410 –> 00:39:20.100 Joseph McElroy: But people have been taken them and Devon over so a lot of the basic you here is not even what we’re dancing to which it’s been fun they paid us from everything to heavy metal to ballet music.

00:39:21.960 –> 00:39:23.370 Joseph McElroy: Now, with this viral event.

00:39:24.810 –> 00:39:36.810 Joseph McElroy: is how have you been handling I mean I was overwhelmed at first, because I was on page one 3000 comments, a day great message and everything else we grew so fast.

00:39:37.500 –> 00:39:53.880 Joseph McElroy: role in my niece from kingsport Tennessee maddie is getting her degree in media to help with instagram my son’s wife is doing the merchandise part and so you know I have people on the team their help, and so we were handling it now, but it was overwhelming I was ready to flush month.

00:39:55.980 –> 00:39:56.370 Joseph McElroy: Although that.

00:39:58.380 –> 00:40:08.070 Joseph McElroy: Is do you have a couple of negative yeah but not bad, no not bad at all, you know it’s being I was amazed, because I wasn’t sure you know.

00:40:08.700 –> 00:40:19.560 Joseph McElroy: But no it’s been I would say 99% positive you know you’re always gonna have a few that come out, so I something they’re like you know he’s got a big belly well when we start thinking.

00:40:20.160 –> 00:40:26.160 Joseph McElroy: within two weeks, the last probably 20 pounds once we get back on tour they have nervous like oh he’s looks and white male.

00:40:35.460 –> 00:40:39.480 Joseph McElroy: hey we can that’s exactly it in a place here that, is there a carb heavy.

00:40:42.600 –> 00:40:59.880 Joseph McElroy: yeah fine dining plates about this big oh yeah so i’ve been very blessed conceal the big one does videos what does pictures on the dance team they know nicer time so we’ve got the you know perfect mix now how is this newfound fame.

00:41:01.350 –> 00:41:10.470 Joseph McElroy: But he’s got to be very good son, he is now that people notice, you know they can run up and they want pictures made and he’s had to learn how to balance that.

00:41:10.680 –> 00:41:21.120 Joseph McElroy: Because you know, some people want to talk for 20 minutes we have performance coming up once it’s done you’re going to have to learn how to be nicely talk to them and they’re telling you better performance and you can come back and talk a little later.

00:41:21.630 –> 00:41:29.970 Joseph McElroy: But he wasn’t sure how to handle everything its beginning and then he’s just decided i’m just i’m nobody special as well, your special while.

00:41:31.950 –> 00:41:35.880 Joseph McElroy: So, but he’s doing well on the teams doing a lot of people recognize the team.

00:41:37.320 –> 00:41:44.340 Joseph McElroy: yeah now i’m just the team incorporated in a separate set does it to know they’re all.

00:41:45.900 –> 00:41:54.960 Joseph McElroy: they’re all unique yeah everybody’s got their own unique footwork so we have several teenagers, we have excellent dancers, on the team he just happened to be the one I guess the.

00:41:56.280 –> 00:41:57.180 Joseph McElroy: Music was right.

00:41:58.710 –> 00:42:07.830 Joseph McElroy: yeah yeah so they’ve all week which we have we’re very family oriented and that’s the way we’ve stayed nothing’s really changed with us as a team we’re still.

00:42:08.220 –> 00:42:19.950 Joseph McElroy: The good people we always worried, you know enjoying laughs, but it has to affect yeah some vision of what your performances are going to be out your contents going to be, we know there.

00:42:20.850 –> 00:42:25.530 Joseph McElroy: That there’s bigger stuff on the horizon, that I can’t talk about yet so we’re gonna you know we’re going to.

00:42:26.130 –> 00:42:35.580 Joseph McElroy: Probably buckle down a little bit on exactly what we’re going to be doing and nothing’s going to change with the performances, but maybe just make sure the flow is there, you know.

00:42:36.120 –> 00:42:49.080 Joseph McElroy: Asking questions that he asked me what do you expect How long are the you know, is it an hour performance, what would you like to see how would you like us to dress you know, sometimes we’re an overall for the meal sometimes bluejeans yeah.

00:42:50.100 –> 00:42:52.830 Joseph McElroy: yeah and overalls New York City.

00:42:55.470 –> 00:43:03.180 Joseph McElroy: And the women’s in dresses and criminal yeah yeah oh yeah all right we’re gonna take the last break here and then come back and talk a little bit about.

00:43:05.070 –> 00:43:06.060 Joseph McElroy: Like that all right.

00:45:07.440 –> 00:45:15.960 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklyn McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest Kim Ross.

00:45:16.560 –> 00:45:29.220 Joseph McElroy: You know you’re a dancer and your transcript medical transcriptions yes, I read that you also had a pottery business for what did I had Ross pottery I was in the grove arcade and Asheville and did a lot.

00:45:30.210 –> 00:45:42.480 Joseph McElroy: Of videos of all places, and it was called mountain made I think it’s still there, she does local you know to the within I think 100-mile radius or something in North Carolina but yeah I loved it I did.

00:45:43.590 –> 00:45:53.220 Joseph McElroy: a freeform style and then the wheel and loved it, but when this went viral I have not had time and I sold all my quick weeks ago.

00:45:54.390 –> 00:45:55.740 Joseph McElroy: So you went all in.

00:45:58.620 –> 00:46:05.730 Joseph McElroy: And just run in the regular login team, and now the disciplines went viral it’s just you know I’m spending seven hours a day.

00:46:06.330 –> 00:46:14.070 Joseph McElroy: Since the barrel thing just trying to keep up with the messages, but how did the you know the haptic experience of.

00:46:14.550 –> 00:46:23.850 Joseph McElroy: Making pottery how did that translate it to answer vice versa, is there were there and I grew up over regards maybe so just from you know.

00:46:24.510 –> 00:46:29.520 Joseph McElroy: The form, I don’t know because I’m all about movement and pottery is all about.

00:46:30.060 –> 00:46:37.590 Joseph McElroy: So some of my stuff, especially with the color variations, I had a very colorful person, you can tell them outfits are where when I plug.

00:46:37.950 –> 00:46:50.190 Joseph McElroy: But my pottery would have it could be yellow-orange purple blues i’ll mix everywhere, but yeah I would say just the movement of the pottery and again homeschooling the boys, I put them into pottery classes we’ve met good Earth.

00:46:50.490 –> 00:46:59.640 Joseph McElroy: hazelwood I don’t think that studios there anymore yeah Bob was a great teacher i’m left handed so he had a little bit of a harder time teaching me.

00:47:00.900 –> 00:47:17.160 Joseph McElroy: I don’t think like other people, you know, but I loved doing the pottery and again it was another avenue for the voice, you know, then they had their little band and dancing but yeah I sold everything we know I had to we had corey plot here Bob Smith oh yeah great.

00:47:18.600 –> 00:47:30.600 Joseph McElroy: And you did a class half-day on pottery and my three year old twins came here and they actually paid attention for an hour and a half Oh, my goodness, can you imagine, can you imagine three or a.

00:47:31.050 –> 00:47:40.740 Joseph McElroy: Day actually they’re involved paid attention listening even asking questions getting a little pots and stuff like that I thought it is something that seems.

00:47:41.460 –> 00:48:00.690 Joseph McElroy: Right yeah it is you know and it’s part of the earth always say you know a lot of them get the claim it’s local from bucks county Water plays out there, so but yeah I loved it, but I was ready to La yeah I can’t do everything in place, so, if you look over here it’s all good oh yeah.

00:48:02.100 –> 00:48:05.430 Joseph McElroy: If you can find some of her binary somewhere it’s now a collector’s edition.

00:48:06.480 –> 00:48:06.840 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:48:09.030 –> 00:48:19.080 Joseph McElroy: So, so you know we we yeah this is this podcast is also just about get the smokies stuff in general, I like that, yes, talk about other things that they enjoy I know you like.

00:48:19.590 –> 00:48:26.190 Joseph McElroy: I love it we go what sunburst not a lot and pink beds graveyard fields different places, my husband.

00:48:26.790 –> 00:48:35.340 Joseph McElroy: Even we even get off and just don’t even follow a trail he he was very young he’s 65 now, but he knows all about up in that area and then.

00:48:36.300 –> 00:48:48.480 Joseph McElroy: phishing attacks photographer to so I still do some photography just the family, my family and then, when we come out, we like to go to the pan your restaurant over there in class oh really yeah.

00:48:50.460 –> 00:48:55.830 Joseph McElroy: that’s a long time, oh yeah I really like the plan your you know yeah it’s been around long.

00:48:57.540 –> 00:48:58.740 Joseph McElroy: Enough peanut butter, milkshake.

00:49:01.020 –> 00:49:01.800 Joseph McElroy: shake from sonic.

00:49:03.570 –> 00:49:03.930 Joseph McElroy: Yes.

00:49:07.380 –> 00:49:14.940 Joseph McElroy: yeah well is there, what if I wanted to take my twins out, you know there’s only three and a half, they can’t walk along well what would be the best family.

00:49:15.720 –> 00:49:21.990 Joseph McElroy: Like to take your mom well like I said i’m begging the sunburst because there’s a pull off right there is the campground.

00:49:22.350 –> 00:49:29.970 Joseph McElroy: and pull in right there or to the left or the road and walk right down to the water it’s a while, and then to the right of the campground.

00:49:30.240 –> 00:49:38.640 Joseph McElroy: it’s an easy walk to this just you know it’s flat, so I would suggest there i’m sure yeah i’m just i’m real familiar with the place and love it by campfire.

00:49:38.910 –> 00:49:45.510 Joseph McElroy: And being a photographer What would you say is one of the best places to go take photos oh wow like devils courthouse.

00:49:45.870 –> 00:49:57.900 Joseph McElroy: sunburst again i’ve done and just any of the local places Jonathan Craig any of the waterways soco Scott gorgeous visa here too, so yeah just anywhere, the most photographed view in the stoke.

00:49:59.070 –> 00:50:03.000 Joseph McElroy: there’s an old there’s old place there’s still the old sign up there, that was yeah.

00:50:04.170 –> 00:50:09.840 Joseph McElroy: The client actually has a beautiful oh yeah you down through the valley so yeah but.

00:50:10.830 –> 00:50:22.200 Joseph McElroy: it’s pretty you know it’s there’s so many places here that are just beautiful, you know I love up on pot like way up on the mountain and we have a gorgeous view sometimes we’ll plan to fall back and everybody else was.

00:50:23.160 –> 00:50:33.930 Joseph McElroy: yeah so we’re getting close what is what’s the future for the jquery floaters ah, I don’t know we’re taking it day by day we’ve had lots of our first from TV shows to.

00:50:34.110 –> 00:50:41.190 Joseph McElroy: All kinds of stuff and we sit down, either as a team or a family and discuss each thing, some people just want their some people want the whole team.

00:50:42.510 –> 00:50:43.200 Joseph McElroy: So we’ll say.

00:50:44.640 –> 00:50:45.300 Joseph McElroy: goodbye for.

00:50:47.370 –> 00:50:54.390 Joseph McElroy: yeah sometimes I just want him just because I guess the legends they have went viral right.

00:50:55.140 –> 00:51:04.860 Joseph McElroy: So we just take it day by day, you know yeah we’re just taking our time not rushing in reading thing don’t want to make any mistakes because we’re still a family will stay that way yeah yeah that’s good I mean.

00:51:05.130 –> 00:51:10.410 Joseph McElroy: I was saying before you nobody’s prepared for viral now I was back into dad one of the first five.

00:51:10.860 –> 00:51:19.170 Joseph McElroy: videos and you’re never prepared for it and then afterwards, you know you feel like he didn’t leverage right, so you feel guilty.

00:51:19.620 –> 00:51:31.890 Joseph McElroy: But i’m telling you right now, no matter what happens just enjoying the moment we are we’re here and there’s no way to be prepared for it and there’s no way to figure out how to leverage it the leveraging it’s like it happened by luck, a lot of.

00:51:32.970 –> 00:51:41.370 Joseph McElroy: Meaning skill like met skill right and whatever you do with it is really just about as long as you’re having fun.

00:51:42.510 –> 00:51:49.890 Joseph McElroy: Are you can’t put $1 sign on friendship or family i’ve always said that I would rather have my friends and family, the money any day.

00:51:50.970 –> 00:51:55.920 Joseph McElroy: You know i’ll walk away from some it’s going to cause a problem, but you always have that in your pocket say, well, we were.

00:51:57.420 –> 00:51:57.930 Joseph McElroy: People that’s.

00:51:58.980 –> 00:51:59.610 Joseph McElroy: worthwhile.

00:52:00.630 –> 00:52:11.550 Joseph McElroy: For a while, maybe some of the education and you know, we had never heard of or seen it from other countries are all heard of suburban kids are learning how to plug do the hillbilly coupon.

00:52:13.980 –> 00:52:19.290 Joseph McElroy: started it’s great So how can people find out more about Okay, they can call me i’ll get.

00:52:21.000 –> 00:52:36.750 Joseph McElroy: Eight to 87340873 we’re on instagram tick tock Facebook is Jay creek cloggers that’s the letter J and then Casey rw JC see at gmail COM okay there’s a couple of ways, you can.

00:52:38.910 –> 00:52:46.560 Joseph McElroy: And we’re on Instagram and Facebook all that’s on there too yeah I don’t forget July 30 there near la mota.

00:52:47.640 –> 00:52:49.530 Joseph McElroy: dancing and teaching a little bit.

00:52:50.910 –> 00:52:58.530 Joseph McElroy: And I’ll be here, trying to put on a good foot and I’ll get my little twins out there, and he might be my wife old state, we want everybody.

00:52:59.550 –> 00:53:00.780 Joseph McElroy: We do a lot of fun.

00:53:02.010 –> 00:53:02.400 Joseph McElroy: Right.

00:53:04.710 –> 00:53:13.710 Joseph McElroy: Oh, my goodness, social dance music is very fun all right I’m ready for it yeah okay cool moment to thank you so much for being on the show.

00:53:15.330 –> 00:53:24.990 Joseph McElroy: Congratulations on your thyroxine it always works blah oh yeah yeah and I look forward to your event on the 30th and maybe again in November right?

00:53:25.380 –> 00:53:28.860 Joseph McElroy: yeah we’ll be back at our school, yes, and this is the.

00:53:29.370 –> 00:53:41.640 Joseph McElroy: gateway to the smoke these podcasts you can watch live every Friday night every I mean every Tuesday night from six to slash gateway to the smokies podcast.

00:53:42.150 –> 00:53:52.590 Joseph McElroy: We are part of the talk radio dot nyc network, which is a network of live podcasts that range from self-help to travel to small business.

00:53:52.860 –> 00:54:01.560 Joseph McElroy: To any number of things and I think it’s a worthwhile network to listen to its very grassroots very, very rich content.

00:54:02.130 –> 00:54:09.510 Joseph McElroy: On the ground, information that the tool finds very interesting whether you’re traveling to the smokies or traveling to New York City.

00:54:09.930 –> 00:54:22.110 Joseph McElroy: It has some information that I think is this is worthwhile I actually have another podcast on this network called wise content creates well, which is a marketing podcast and that’s on Fridays from.

00:54:23.070 –> 00:54:30.060 Joseph McElroy: 12 until one thought that’ll probably be transitioning out because near future she’s kept some of the old episodes because.

00:54:30.360 –> 00:54:43.980 Joseph McElroy: It has a lot of the Ai stuff going on now I’ve interviewed many of the Ai people out there and they can even learn a bit about what’s going to happen content machine intelligence about artificial intelligence, which I think is good for everybody.

00:54:45.390 –> 00:54:58.710 Joseph McElroy: And it’s been a pleasure talking here today with you guys and I will see you next week with another great show from six to seven on Tuesday night with the gateway to the smokies podcast Thank you very much.

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