42. Closing Sales with Confidence: Qualifying Leads, Overcoming Objections, and Closing the Deal with Candice D’Angelo

34m | Oct 26, 2023

In this episode of the CEO Wingwoman, Christy speaks with sales expert Candice D'Angelo. She explores her remarkable journey from facing rejection and struggling in sales to becoming a successful multi-million-dollar account winner and sales training authority. Candice shares her insights on the importance of staying true to your initial motivation and adapting to both online and offline sales environments. The episode highlights the significance of building authentic connections in online sales by genuinely caring about potential clients and asking questions that reflect a sincere interest in their needs. Candice critiques misleading sales advice, arguing against the notion that some leads are not worth pursuing and that pricing should equate to one's worth. Instead, she suggests that every lead is a potential buyer and provides guidance on qualifying leads effectively. 

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Understanding Your Buyer’s Motivation
  • Mastery of Online and Offline Sales
  • The Dangers of Misleading Sales Advice
  • Qualifying Leads for Success

And much, much, more!

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