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The 13th Year

The weekly "The 13th Year" podcast follows 18-year-olds hosts Jack Salvin and Tim McCorry as they live their gap years. Join them as they venture across the United States and beyond sharing their experiences, lessons learned, and keep up with their hometown friends. "The 13th Year" is a production of the "Abode Audio Network".


Episode 29: LIVE FROM ABODE/BINGHAMTON, NY (with Chris Terwilliger)
Show Details31min 30s
Episode 28: Tim’s in the states! (with guests 38 Blank and BMartz)
Show Details44min 24s
Episode 27: TIM LEAVES PR (with Spencer Haughney)
Show Details47min 5s
Episode 26: Transition Time (with guest Will Hedden)
Show Details47min 46s
Episode 25: The PR Project Continues
Show Details26min 2s
Episode 24: Jack is at the Capital and Tim may have ended up with a mullet
Show Details32min 56s
Episode 23: The War in Ukraine and a visit from Neil
Show Details46min 44s
Episode 22: Montreal and Proyecto Cucubano!
Show Details39min 12s
Episode 21: Alplaus Basketball and Beyond (with Nolan Beattie)
Show Details48min 42s
Episode 20: Luis Fonsi feat. Lil Tommy 74
Show Details50min 5s
Episode 19 (Part 2): Acting and Augusta (with Jordan Angrist)
Show Details29min 48s
Episode 19 (Part One): Tim returns to work, Jack still hates Brady
Show Details54min 38s
Episode 18: CHASE V, and Winter Break Reflection (with Toby Goldner)
Show Details36min 9s
Episode 17: The Carpool Pod
Show Details45min 54s
Episode 16: Covid Special (VIDEO @
Show Details57min 21s
Episode 15: Phase One is Done
Show Details44min 46s
Episode 14: Thanksgiving, Social Issues, and Prisons (with Prof Timothy McCorry)
Show Details1hr 25min
Episode 13: Physics, UBI, and building a Nuclear Bomb (with Peter Meshkov)
Show Details55min 12s
Episode 12: A tad about LUMA, Aaron Rodgers, and FANG (with Cyrus Irani)
Show Details1hr 22min
Episode 11: Liverpool and Beyond (with Rohan Menon)
Show Details52min 14s
Episode 10: Jack and Aless are in the UK!
Show Details42min 19s
Episode 9: May the wind always be at your back! (with Abe Ellenbogen)
Show Details59min 34s
Episode 8: In Biz (with Eric Zheng)
Show Details45min 30s
Episode 7: The road trip ends (with guest Chris Terwilliger)
Show Details48min 59s
Episode 6: It is park time! (with guest Spencer Haughney)
Show Details51min 30s
Episode 5: Jack and the one-horn antelope.
Show Details47min 30s
Episode 5: Will and Neil join from UB (PART 2)
Show Details43min 10s
Episode 4: Jack & Tim are on the road!
Show Details36min 20s
Episode 3: Tim finds himself at a cult (with guest Jordan Angrist)
Show Details58min 50s
Episode 2: We Begin (with Toby Goldner)
Show Details49min 42s
Episode 1: The Pilot
Show Details47min 6s