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Highly Sensitive Soul Podcast (for HSPs)

For Highly Sensitive Souls on a conscious journey of discovering their gifts and their purpose while building an intentional life.

For those who are curious about both the science and spirituality behind being a Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP). Weaving this knowledge to create tools, practices, and rituals to support your unique self.

Covering topics from energy healing to entrepreneurship, from Nature’s wisdom to the nervous system, we’ll be taking both a broad look and a deep dive at what it means to thrive as a Highly Sensitive Soul.

Connect with Lisa at: www.combinationhealing.ca


38. What are your resources? (And where I disappeared too over the past few months!)
Show Details38min 8s
37. Deep Conversations on Death and Dying with Aaron Banfield
Show Details57min 40s
36. A busy life versus a full life as you hold the space for sacred self-care
Show Details36min 7s
35. Self-Trust & Following your Intuition on your Pregnancy & Motherhood Journey - with Briana Faust: Energy Healer, Motherhood Support + Business Owner
Show Details55min 58s
34. Breathing your Self into being: Breathwork for self-growth, mental clarity, and even business - with Ariana Fotinakis: Business Coach & Breathwork Facilitator
Show Details58min 46s
33. How to finally start writing your book (when you're a Highly Sensitive Person) with Author Coach & Ghostwriter Jennifer Locke
Show Details1hr 2min
32. HSP's in a Nutshell: Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person Trait with the DOES Framework
Show Details40min 18s
31. The Beauty of Walking at Your Own Pace in Life
Show Details20min 55s
30. Cycles of Belonging & Perimenopause as a Rite of Passage with Author & Priestess Stella Tomlinson
Show Details1hr 9min
29. Why I'm leaving social media (even though I have an online business)...and the ways I'm reclaiming my focus
Show Details53min 58s
28. Exploring Self-Care & Energy Healing with Rae-Lynn Danielle, Woman’s Intuitive Guide
Show Details1hr 7min
27. Breaking the cycle of self-sacrifice with Kelsey Hewins : Certified Teacher & Practitioner in the Breath Integration Method of Counseling
Show Details1hr 17min
26. Eight things I learned this year as a Highly Sensitive Person--> One year anniversary episode!
Show Details1hr 13min
25. Exploring Ayurveda for Highly Sensitive People: Ancient healing practices for modern times - with Alison Evin, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Health Coach
Show Details1hr 6min
24. Samhain to Solstice: A window for reflection, creating space, & going inward
Show Details44min 11s
23. Guided Meditation: Shifting from a Thinking Brain to a Feeling Brain (and an intro to the Menstrual-Wise Collective!)
Show Details18min 37s
22. Developing your Intuition as a Highly Sensitive Person: Signs, Synchronicities, & Coincidences
Show Details56min 10s
21. Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Leader - with Muriel Kosovsky, Coach for Highly-Sensitive Leaders
Show Details1hr 16min
20. 5 Common Challenges for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (with tips to navigate them :)
Show Details1hr 7min
19. Inclusion, Belonging, & Avoiding Emotional Burnout as an HSP Activist with Anvita Akkur, Inclusion & Belonging Coach
Show Details1hr 11min
18. Are you sound sensitive? 10 Sound Strategies for Highly Sensitive People
Show Details1hr 16min
17. The Value of Slowness
Show Details49min 13s
16. 6 Self-Care Skills for Summer for Highly Sensitive People
Show Details54min 59s
15. Intro to Astrology, Eclipses, & Summer Solstice with Courtney Burns, Astrologist
Show Details1hr 18min
14. Creating an Intentional and Sustainable Life as a Highly Sensitive Person
Show Details37min 29s
13. Herbal Medicine, Highly Sensitive People, and our Innate Superpowers with Marie Zak, Clinical Herbalist
Show Details1hr 7min
12. My Spiritual Emergency: Greatest Gifts & Hardest Lessons
Show Details1hr
11. Intro to Craniosacral Therapy and Dipping into the Quantum Field with Megan S. Martin, Registered Craniosacral Therapist
Show Details54min 45s
10. Reclaiming the Wisdom of our Menstrual Cycles
Show Details38min 11s
9. Rethinking Energetic Boundaries with Aaron Banfield, Registered Acupuncturist & Qi Gong Teacher
Show Details1hr 11min
8. Collective Card Reading - February 12, 2021
Show Details25min 57s
7. Body-Based Guided Meditation: Softness & Ease in Your Belly, Jaw, and Shoulders
Show Details19min 52s
6. Digital Distraction, Focus, and Soul Work for Highly Sensitives
Show Details24min
5. Easing Overwhelm Series: Energetic Plant Medicine and Flower Essences for Overwhelm
Show Details39min 30s
4. Easing Overwhelm Series: Inner Rhythms (Beyond a Morning Practice)
Show Details24min 48s
3. Easing Overwhelm Series: Soothing Sensation
Show Details8min 43s
2. Easing Overwhelm Series: Transition Time
Show Details11min 31s
1. What is a Highly Sensitive Person anyway? And the #1 thing I wish every Highly Sensitive knew
Show Details37min 43s
0. All about the Highly Sensitive Soul Podcast
Show Details4min 46s