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What do you get when three brand new adventurers join a mysterious disappearing guild of vigilantes? How about when three pirates are killed by a death goddess and ordered to save the world of Fantasy Europe? Or when you cross a Mandolorian with two Jedi, one estranged, and one with an experimental lightsaber? You get GuildFellows, a seasonal anthology TTRPG actual-play podcast. Join us every Wednesday for new episodes in our latest adventure.



DM Rants: Complex Storytelling
Show Details28min 11s
StarFellows: Mix and Match - Ep. 32
Show Details1hr 9min
StarFellows: The Fallen - Ep. 31
Show Details1hr 17min
StarFellows: The Last Hope - Ep. 30
Show Details1hr 26min
StarFellows: Fight for Coruscant - Ep. 29
Show Details2hr 8min
StarFellows: Separation - Ep. 28
Show Details2hr
StarFellows: Tremors - Ep. 27
Show Details1hr 11min
StarTalks: Season 3 Halftime Part 2
Show Details16min 34s
StarTalks: Season 3 Halftime
Show Details51min 50s
StarFellows: Horde - Ep. 26
Show Details1hr 22min
StarFellows: Siege - Ep. 25
Show Details1hr 18min
StarFellows: Past Lives - Ep. 24
Show Details1hr 34min
StarFellows: Trials - Ep. 23
Show Details1hr 33min
StarFellows: The Return - Ep. 22
Show Details1hr 3min
StarFellows: The Red Maw - Ep. 21
Show Details1hr 33min
StarFellows: Crimson Life - Ep. 20
Show Details1hr 31min
StarFellows: Veltz Arakyd - Ep. 19
Show Details52min 11s
StarFellows: M. I. N. D. - Ep. 18
Show Details1hr 19min
StarFellows: The Nexu - Ep. 17
Show Details1hr 26min
StarFellows: The Arakyd Estate - Ep. 16
Show Details1hr 32min
StarFellows: History - Ep. 15
Show Details1hr 30min
StarFellows: Rosie Recaps - 01
Show Details28min 8s
StarFellows: The Bendu - Ep. 14
Show Details1hr 19min
StarFellows: Obligations - Ep. 13
Show Details1hr 32min
StarFellows: Dancing in the Dark - Ep. 12
Show Details1hr 33min
StarFellows: The Sleepless Circuit - Ep. 11
Show Details1hr 23min
StarFellows: Consequences - Ep. 10
Show Details1hr 15min
StarFellows: Maxi Mule - Ep. 9
Show Details1hr 14min
StarFellows: The Diner - Ep. 8
Show Details1hr 49min
StarFellows: Even - Ep. 7
Show Details1hr 15min
StarFellows: Gnashing Jaws - Ep. 6
Show Details1hr 33min
StarFellows: Droid Encounters - Ep. 5
Show Details1hr 42min
StarFellows: Rosie - Ep. 4
Show Details56min 24s
StarFellows: The Villafox Gang - Ep. 3
Show Details59min 9s
StarFellows: The Starlight Bar - Ep. 2
Show Details1hr 10min
StarFellows: A Disturbance - Ep. 1
Show Details1hr 51min
GuildTalks: Season 2 Wrap-Up
Show Details1hr 47min
Final Chapter: The Three Crows
Show Details1hr 27min
Chapter 56: The Fall and Rise of the Fate Witch
Show Details2hr 33min
Chapter 55: Legends Past
Show Details48min 1s
Chapter 54: First to the Finish
Show Details1hr 7min
Chapter 53: Preparations
Show Details1hr 6min
Chapter 52: Chiesa
Show Details57min 24s
Chapter 51: Drowning
Show Details58min 27s
Chapter 50: Two Steps Back
Show Details1hr
Chapter 49: Fate
Show Details58min 29s
Rebuilding Montaigne: Finale
Show Details34min 32s
Chapter 48: Sharp Wit
Show Details50min 54s
Rebuilding Montaigne: Part 2
Show Details53min 19s
Chapter 47: Cathay
Show Details58min 43s
Rebuilding Montaigne: Part 1
Show Details51min 28s
Chapter 46: Herbal Tea
Show Details55min 46s
Chapter 45: Death
Show Details49min 46s
Chapter 44: Undead, Undone
Show Details51min 22s
Chapter 43: Backwater
Show Details55min 57s
GuildFellows Classic: Old Gods
Show Details3hr 24min
Chapter 42: Bargaining
Show Details1hr 3min
Chapter 41: Il Vindicatore
Show Details56min 9s
Chapter 40: The Storm
Show Details56min 32s
Chapter 39: The Calm
Show Details54min 53s
Chapter 38: Shattered Glass
Show Details1hr 3min
Chapter 37: Fire Slinger
Show Details57min 29s
Chapter 36: The Ritual of Fire
Show Details55min 57s
Chapter 35: Ashes on the Water
Show Details53min 50s
Chapter 34: Left Behind
Show Details55min 25s
Chapter 33: Nyx
Show Details51min 40s
Chapter 32: La Bucca
Show Details1hr 5min
Chapter 31: Persuasion
Show Details1hr 3min
Chapter 30: Carnage
Show Details1hr 7min
GuildTalks: Season 2 Halftime
Show Details1hr 16min
Chapter 29: The Fall of Vivaldi
Show Details54min 17s
To Arabel, Part 1
Show Details5min 40s
Chapter 28: The Blood That Binds
Show Details55min 27s
Chapter 27: Elevate
Show Details1hr
Chapter 26: Fates
Show Details46min 44s
Chapter 25: Double-Edged
Show Details59min 48s
Chapter 24: Siren Song
Show Details53min 48s
Chapter 23: Scars
Show Details1hr
Chapter 22: Gifts and Goodbyes
Show Details58min 5s
Chapter 21: Justice
Show Details1hr 3min
Chapter 20: Relations
Show Details58min 50s
Chapter 19: Boyars & Muzhiks
Show Details1hr 5min
Legend of the High Seas - The Lady and Her Crows
Show Details4min 27s
Chapter 18: The Feast of Famine
Show Details51min 8s
Chapter 17: The Tsarina
Show Details1hr 1min
The Silver Apple
Show Details4min 38s
Chapter 16: The Pawn
Show Details56min 8s
Chapter 15: Empathy
Show Details1hr 6min
Chapter 14: The Trial of Sinead Temple
Show Details1hr 4min
Chapter 13: Take Me To Church
Show Details1hr 4min
Chapter 12: See No Evil
Show Details1hr 6min
Chapter 11: The Wailing Spirit
Show Details59min 40s
Chapter 10: Silveo's Hat
Show Details59min 51s
Chapter 9: A New Captain
Show Details1hr 3min
Chapter 8: Pirate's Honor
Show Details1hr 3min
Chapter 7: The Whirlpool
Show Details59min 18s
Chapter 6: Revolution
Show Details58min 49s
Chapter 5: Checkmate
Show Details1hr 2min
Chapter 4: Shores of the Living
Show Details59min 8s
Chapter 3: The Kraken
Show Details1hr 4min
Chapter 2: The Island With No Name
Show Details59min 35s
Chapter 1: Marooned
Show Details1hr 4min
GuildFellows: Camp Half-Blood
Show Details1hr 35min
GuildTalks: Season 1 Wrap-Up
Show Details1hr
GuildFellows: Death House
Show Details2hr 23min
Finale: Unity pt. 2
Show Details1hr 16min
A Message From Us To You
Show Details10min 33s
Finale: Unity pt. 1
Show Details53min 19s
Episode 31: Deliverance pt. 7
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 30: Deliverance pt. 6
Show Details52min 13s
Episode 29: Deliverance pt. 5
Show Details47min 8s
Episode 28: Deliverance pt. 4
Show Details44min 45s
Episode 27: Deliverance pt. 3
Show Details56min
Episode 26: Deliverance pt. 2
Show Details53min 38s
Episode 25: Deliverance
Show Details56min 12s
Episode 24: A Coin, A Flower, and Some Glasses
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 23: A One-Harp Town
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 22: The Cat & The Owl
Show Details57min 45s
Episode 21: Attack of the Sea Serpent
Show Details1hr 16min
Dartle: The Young Fighter
Show Details45min 10s
Kitsa: The Silver Chain
Show Details46min 39s
Juliard: The Long Path
Show Details30min 5s
Episode 20: The Invitation pt. 8
Show Details40min 18s
Episode 19: The Invitation pt. 7
Show Details43min 37s
Episode 18: The Invitation pt. 6
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 17: The Invitation pt. 5
Show Details45min 26s
Episode 16: The Invitation pt. 4
Show Details48min 50s
Episode 15: The Invitation pt. 3
Show Details40min 57s
Episode 14: The Invitation pt. 2
Show Details44min 29s
Episode 13: The Invitation
Show Details48min 14s
Episode 12: Chieftess Distress pt. 3
Show Details45min 57s
Episode 11: Chieftess Distress pt. 2
Show Details50min 7s
Episode 10: Chieftess Distress
Show Details46min 5s
GuildFellows: Old Gods
Show Details3hr 24min
Episode 9: The Beach Episode
Show Details51min 53s
Episode 8: Amber Alert pt. 3
Show Details50min 19s
Episode 7: Amber Alert pt. 2
Show Details44min 57s
Episode 6: Amber Alert
Show Details44min 43s
Episode 5: GuildFellows
Show Details46min 58s
Episode 4: Making Friends
Show Details50min 40s
Episode 3: Into the Dungeon
Show Details46min 15s
Episode 2: Journey Start
Show Details46min 15s
Episode 1: Introductions
Show Details43min 47s