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The Addicted Mind Podcast

The Addicted Mind Podcast is about understanding addiction from a research and treatment perspective. We will dive into what drives the addictive process, explore the latest research on addiction, and talk about the latest addiction treatment options. We will also explore what recovery from addiction looks like from a variety of different people. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction then The Addicted Mind Podcast can help.


186: Neurofeedback: The Gym for Your Brain with Dr. Andrew Hill
Show Details43min 3s
185: Preventing Youth From Falling Into the Trap of Addiction with Maks Ezrin
Show Details43min 4s
184: Hope Road: From Addiction to Recovery with John Dillon
Show Details39min 12s
183: Looking Out for Incarcerated People and Preventing Drug Overdose with Victoria Garrow
Show Details33min 34s
182: Rebroadcast - Treating Addiction and Breaking Free From a Narcissistic Family Structure with Julie Hall
Show Details47min 31s
181: How TMS Treats Addiction, Depression, & Other Mental Health Issues with Ben Spielberg
Show Details39min 44s
180: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction with Eddie Capparucci
Show Details39min 46s
179: Cultivating Radical Intimacy with Zoe Kors
Show Details34min 19s
178: Living Undeterred with Jeff Johnston
Show Details34min 33s
177: UnAddicted to You: Loving Yourself Through the Darkness with Etel Leit
Show Details44min 13s
176: The Power of Psychedelics and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies with Ronan Levy
Show Details34min 37s
175: Building Resiliency in Recovery with Caroline Beidler
Show Details27min 3s
174: How Peer Recovery Support Changed His Course with Justin Larson
Show Details34min 36s
173: Worry Less Now with Gigi Langer
Show Details34min 1s
172: Reclaiming The Lost Languages with Brett Lavender, The Persuasive Lion
Show Details52min 3s
171: Addiction and His Personal Struggles in a Post-9/11 World with Shahjehan Khan
Show Details51min 31s
Bonus: Finding the Treatment That Works for You with David Poses
Show Details51min 45s
170: Healing the Adult Child with Andrea Ashley
Show Details45min 3s
169: Seeking Recovery Through Complementary Therapies with Constance Scharff
Show Details46min 27s
168: Living a Recovery Lifestyle with Tricia Parido
Show Details39min 12s
167: The Virtuous Cycle of Healing the Trauma with Serge Prengel
Show Details36min 21s
166: Challenge What You Know About The War on Drugs with Benjamin Boyce
Show Details38min 11s
165: Embracing Humanity: Meshing the Works of William James and AA’s Bill W. with Paul Schulte
Show Details38min 3s
164: Pulling Yourself Out of the Vortex of Childhood Trauma with Michael Anthony
Show Details38min 53s
163: Healing as a Family with Chris Howard
Show Details40min 53s
161: Healing Intergenerational Trauma with Wendy Adamson
Show Details36min 47s
160: Transferring Your Grit From Addiction to Your Recovery with Mike Grant
Show Details32min 51s
159: Feeling Your Feelings and Being Okay With It with Justin B. Long
Show Details36min 26s
158: The Science of Addiction with Gill Tietz
Show Details45min 9s
157: Personality Isn’t Permanent with Benjamin Hardy
Show Details46min 27s
156: Breaking Alcohol Addiction Through Medical and Psychosocial Interventions with Dr. Joseph Volpicelli
Show Details44min 58s
155: Healing Through Plant-Based Medicine and Deconstructing Our Belief System with Howard Lipp
Show Details45min 15s
154: Mastering Recovery with Barry Lehman
Show Details37min 17s
153: Healing From Eating Disorder with Faith Elicia
Show Details43min 6s
152: Treating Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model with Jan Winhall
Show Details39min 5s
151: Understanding The Trauma Map with Dr. Karol Darsa
Show Details35min 45s
150: Addiction in the Healthcare Community with Dr. Michael Tkach
Show Details39min 1s
149: Sailing Through Recovery with David Greer
Show Details49min 37s
148: Bridging the Gap Between Spirituality and Humanity with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati
Show Details36min 59s
147: How to Sit in Your Adult Chair to Become the Most Authentic Version of Yourself with Michelle Chalfant
Show Details50min 14s
146: Understanding Behavioral Addiction with Amanda Giordano
Show Details44min 37s
145: Achieving Recovery Through The Wolf You Feed with Sophie Aghdami
Show Details35min 43s
144: The Journey Through Alcoholism and Recovery with Charlie Gray
Show Details34min 31s
143: A Hope to Put an End to the Opioid Epidemic with Robert Kanter
Show Details36min 17s
142: Healing Early Trauma Through Somatic Experiencing and Brainspotting with Andrew Susskind
Show Details37min 19s
141: Pregnancy and Addiction with Dr. Charles Schauberger
Show Details37min 17s
140: Stop Hiding and Start Healing with Craig Brown
Show Details34min 42s
139: Stepping Into the Recovery Elevator with Paul Churchill
Show Details34min 29s
138: From the Perspective of an Addict’s Loved One: Transmuting Pain Into Service with KL Wells
Show Details32min 35s
137: Understanding Sugar Addiction with Mike Collins
Show Details49min 59s
136: Overcoming Addiction in the Restaurant Industry with Mickey Bakst
Show Details33min 50s
135: Microdosed Mindfulness with Janet Fouts
Show Details33min 9s
134: Productive Intuition - Paying Attention to the Subtle with AdaPia d'Errico
Show Details35min 57s
133: Neurosurgery and Poetry with Paul Kaloostian
Show Details40min 27s
132: Peer Recovery Specialists with Kabir Singh
Show Details38min 47s
131: Relationships Made Easy with Abby Medcalf
Show Details45min 11s
130: Funky Brain with Dennis Berry
Show Details41min 59s
129: Love Without Martinis with Chantal Jauvin
Show Details58min 5s
128: When Crisis Strikes with Dr. Jennifer Love
Show Details52min 55s
127: Healing Beyond Recovery with Mike Govoni
Show Details40min 19s
126: Healing Your Narrative with Andrew Hahn
Show Details52min 12s
125: One Day at a Time with Arlina Allen
Show Details43min 43s
124: Confident Sober Women with Shelby John
Show Details47min 51s
123: The Weight of Air with David Poses
Show Details53min 4s
122: Miracles of Recovery with Harriet Hunter
Show Details39min 22s
121: Actions in Recovery with Wanja Joy
Show Details46min 7s
120: Down The Rabbit Hole with Kate Russell
Show Details37min 12s
119: Killer Graces with Steve Melen
Show Details39min 15s
118: The Potential of Nontraditional Medicine in Addiction Treatment with Mona Balogh
Show Details34min 57s
117: It Will Never Happen to Me with Claudia Black
Show Details40min 45s
116: The Addicted Child with Richard Capriola
Show Details33min 20s
115: FIX: Indiana State Museum Exhibit on the Opioid Crisis with Cathy Ferree
Show Details27min 53s
114: The History of Opium with John Halpern & David Blistein
Show Details43min 28s
113: Unraveled with Laura and Tom Boldt
Show Details37min 4s
112: Habilitat Creating Community with Jeff Nash
Show Details35min 24s
111: Mindbloom & Psychedelic Medicine with Dylan Beynon
Show Details41min 11s
110: Saving Eric with Mary Burns
Show Details39min 32s
109: Altogether You with Jenna Riemersma
Show Details41min 28s
108 Am I Good Enough? with ILL TONE
Show Details33min 18s
107: Junk Knowledge with Marques Marchand
Show Details35min 58s
106: Calming the Chaos with Tracy Kenela
Show Details38min 3s
105: The Addiction Doctor with Dr. Robb Kelly
Show Details45min 43s
104: We All Play A Role with Daniel Snyder
Show Details38min 20s
103: Inner Child Recovery Process with Eddie Capparucci
Show Details38min 52s
102: Personality Isn't Permanent with Benjamin Hardy
Show Details45min 33s
101: Cognitive Bias and Addiction with Andrew Proulx
Show Details37min 24s
100: Patchwork Junkie with Kyle Dean Houston
Show Details36min 45s
99: Healing Hypnosis with Erika Flint
Show Details35min 59s
98: Toward A Meaningful Life with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Show Details33min 35s
97: Before I Leave You with Robert Imbeault
Show Details34min 54s
96: Journals from Cloud 9 with Tyler Farnham
Show Details44min 30s
95: Sober Sex & Recovery with Stacie Ysidro
Show Details33min 27s
94: Lost in Ghost Town with Carder Stout
Show Details38min 30s
93: Healing from Trauma with Dr. Don Wood
Show Details39min 21s
Special Episode with Suzie Wolfer: Coping Skills to Use During the Pandemic
Show Details27min 5s
92: Gift of Recovery: 52 Mindful Ways To Live Joyfully Beyond Addiction with Rebecca Williams
Show Details28min 10s
91: Bad Bitches Don't Diet with Anita Abdul-Karim
Show Details26min 9s
90: The Narcissist In Your Life: Recognizing the Patterns and Learning to Break Free with Julie Hall
Show Details47min 33s
89: The Harm Reduction Network with Kenneth Anderson
Show Details29min 32s
88: Recovery Dharma with Josh Rychert
Show Details35min 26s
87: The Root of the Addictive Process with Alex Katehakis
Show Details33min 21s
86: Treatment and Recovery from Chemsex Addiction
Show Details22min 35s
85: Using Breathwork to Cope with a Food Addiction with Kathleen Oh
Show Details26min 21s
84: The Rising Cost of Rehab with German Lopez
Show Details36min 1s
83: Changing the Relationship with You Through Recovery
Show Details28min 20s
82: Being Present with Faye Mandell
Show Details29min 37s
81: Creating Habits That Improve Your Quality of Life with Steve Rio
Show Details30min 35s
80: Finding Honesty and Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life with Emily Lynn Paulson
Show Details27min 50s
79: Memoir of a Delinquent Girlhood with Maureen Stanton
Show Details30min 30s
78: The Freedom Model of Addiction Treatment with Mark Scheeren & Michelle Dunbar
Show Details41min 13s
77: Seeking Treatment Before Hitting Rock Bottom with Dave Jansa
Show Details27min 58s
76: Finding Yourself at Rock Bottom with Gregg Champion
Show Details31min 55s
75: The Role of Grief and Loss in Addiction with Dr. Sonya Lott
Show Details27min 29s
74: Turning Your Past Into Your Superpower with Erin Miller
Show Details35min 8s
73: The Toll of Sugar Addiction with Mike Collins
Show Details30min 42s
72: Reaching Out With Your Story With Eli Nash
Show Details32min 20s
71: When Sane People Do Insane Things with Ellie Katz
Show Details31min 42s
70: Welcomed Accepted & Loved with Leslie Cole
Show Details28min 44s
69: Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment with Cynthia Schmit
Show Details46min 11s
68: Talking Suicide with Ursula Whiteside
Show Details26min 40s
67: If You Love Me: A Mother's Journey Through Her Daughter's Opioid Addiction with Maureen Cavanagh
Show Details26min 13s
66: Creating Positive Self-Connection with Tim Sitt
Show Details31min 5s
65: Ketamine IV Therapy with Michael Steuer
Show Details30min 29s
64: Jacob's Recovery Story with Jacob Jones
Show Details46min 26s
63: Talking To Your Spiritual Wisdom with Harry Derbitsky
Show Details34min 29s
62: Shatterproof Transforming Addiction Treatment with Samantha Arsenault
Show Details22min 53s
61: Brain Maps & The Mind with Kyle Ferroly
Show Details32min
60: Helping Our Young People with Recovery Schools
Show Details26min 47s
59: Never Binge Again with Glenn Livingston
Show Details30min 21s
58: Teens, Vaping & Nicotine Addiction with Laura Kelly
Show Details26min 2s
57: Addicted To Love with Lacy Bentley
Show Details35min 19s
56: Opiates & Medical Cannabis with Peter Grinspoon
Show Details30min 37s
55: Joshua's Recovery Story - Porn Addiction
Show Details40min 41s
54: Building A Culture Of Support - Group Therapy with Mari Lee
Show Details30min 52s
53: The Body Remembers - Somatic Experiencing with Suzie Wolfer
Show Details30min 40s
52: Fat Shame & The Obesity Epidemic with Michael Hobbes
Show Details37min 17s
51: Practical Recovery & SMART Recovery with Tom Horvath
Show Details29min 58s
50: Too Close - Parental Enmeshment & Addiction with Kenneth Adams
Show Details27min 27s
49: Getting Into The Experience - Adventure Therapy with Ricky Santiago
Show Details28min 46s
48: Inside Rehab - The Surprising Truth About Addiction Treatment with Anne Fletcher
Show Details38min 12s
47: Nate's Recovery Story
Show Details33min 26s
46: The Healing Power of Equine Therapy with Marla Berger
Show Details32min 55s
45:Psychedelics & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Amy Emerson and Shannon Carlin
Show Details39min 8s
44: Healing Complex & Developmental Trauma with NARM with Brad Kammer
Show Details37min 50s
43: Anxiety & The Anxious Story We Tell Ourselves
Show Details24min 18s
42: Eating Disorders & Addiction with Adina Silvestri
Show Details27min 56s
41: Veterans & First Responders with Timothy Wienecke
Show Details40min 18s
40: Invitational Interventions - The ARISE model with Jack Bloomfield
Show Details27min
39: Understanding What Works - Feedback Informed Treatment with Scott D Miller
Show Details37min 34s
38: You Are Worth Recovery - Women & Sex Addiction with Amy Smith
Show Details33min 22s
37: The Digital Age - Relationships, Intimacy & Porn with Robert Weiss
Show Details34min 18s
36: Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Nicki Mosley
Show Details26min 51s
35: Food Addiction & The Hunger Fix
Show Details36min 29s
34: Sudden Grief - Losing A Loved One To Addiction
Show Details32min 53s
33: Double Or Nothing - Gambling Addiction with Colleen Koncilja
Show Details32min 7s
32: Overwhelming Anxiety & Overcoming It With Jonathan Horowitz
Show Details28min 7s
31: Under Pressure - Teens & Self-Harm with Curt Widhalm
Show Details27min 43s
30: Melting The Ice Cube - EMDR & Trauma with Kay Simmeth
Show Details30min 16s
29: Lighting Up The Brain - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation With Suzanne Jessee
Show Details29min 16s
28: Hearing The Muse - Music Therapy with AmyLynn Dimaano
Show Details28min 36s
27: Seeking Sexual Satisfaction In Recovery with Liz Dube
Show Details28min 37s
26: Awaken The Essential Self - Conscious Recovery with TJ Woodward
Show Details28min 32s
25: Figuring It Out The Power Of Psychological Assessments with Tracy Zemansky
Show Details31min 13s
24: Changing Your Mindset with Megan Fenyoe
Show Details27min 52s
23: Getting Smart Using Smart Recovery With Pete Finger
Show Details27min 34s
22: Relational and Betrayal Trauma with Marnie Breecker - Part Two
Show Details43min 16s
21: Relational and Betrayal Trauma with Marnie Breecker - Part One
Show Details25min 17s
20: The Opioid Crisis with Chris Shorrock
Show Details31min 50s
19: Sacrificial Helpers Syndrome with Katie Vernoy
Show Details28min 54s
18: Tend and Befriend Women and Addiction Treatment with Adina Silvestri
Show Details23min 57s
17: Inside The Addicted Mind - An Immersive Experience with Elvar Sig
Show Details26min 7s
16: Therapeutic Attachment - Foundation For Healing with Anthony Ramynke
Show Details44min 4s
15: LifeRing - Peer-to-Peer Support in Secular Recovery with Jason Groce
Show Details34min 19s
14: Getting Connected - Online Therapy for Addiction with Megan Peterson
Show Details27min 20s
13: Getting Your Attention - Sex Addiction and Attention Deficit Disorder with Dr. John Sealy
Show Details35min 18s
12: Overcoming the Hurt - Affair and Betrayal Recovery with Katie Leminux
Show Details29min 32s
11: Getting Rational - REBT Therapy with Eli Holmes
Show Details33min 46s
10: Moderation Management and Harm Reduction in Addiction Treatment
Show Details29min 32s
09: How Motivational Interviewing Changes the Brain with Dr. Tony Mele
Show Details23min 17s
08: Combat Veterans: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Addiction with Dr. Jessica Naughton
Show Details40min 30s
07: Quitting Addiction is Like Giving Up a Lover with Stephen Buckbee
Show Details22min 51s
06: Emergency Mental Health Care with Eric Osterlind
Show Details24min 56s
05: Using Mindfulness to Overcome Addiction with Robert Cox
Show Details22min 56s
04: Understanding Emotion Using Mindfulness and DBT with Dr. Debbi Kooyman
Show Details24min 18s
03: Explore the Amazing Work of Virginia Satir with Teresa McClellan
Show Details24min 14s
02: Food Addiction and Eating Disorders with Janet Whitney
Show Details32min 4s
01: Introducing the Addicted Mind Podcast - My Mission to Help
Show Details3min 49s