• Euro 2020 Review So Far, and Preview of the Quarter Finals, with some Graeme Souness

    This week we preview the Euro 2020 quarter finals, and review all of the tournament so for.

    Graeme Souness comes up, with a link below to a very juicy tackle, and looking like someone from Boys From The Black Stuff.

    Old looking footballers, also check the link below!

    Peter Crouch and Didi Hamann, and random concerts.

    How important is Kevin de Bruyne to Belgium? Is Haris Seferovic underrated for Switzerland? If Alvaro Morata overrated for Spain?

    It's a big bumber episode with all the usual random tangents as usual. Enjoy!




    1h 8m - Jul 1, 2021
  • Euro 2020 England and Scotland, and a Gout Special

    In this episode we talk about the Poland red card, and why pundits always seem wrong about 2nd yellow cards.

    Scotland, their game against Czech Republic, how they qualified, and their centre forwards.

    England against Croatia, why we are terrified of pass backs, also our great, for once, midfield. Jordan Pickford, is his distribution that good? And Harry Kane not at his best. A little England tactics as well.

    Bobby Zamora Song!

    Buying players that do one thing in a big tournament, why not scout them first?!?

    The mystery of teams in the past like Soviet Union and Juventus.

    Belgium cruising through their game against Russia, first gear team.

    Austria v North Macedonia, great goals and comedy defensive chaos.

    Watching Euro 2020 on channels from many different countries.

    And finally, my gout nightmares, seriously it is really really painful. Should we laugh? Is the only solution drinking more and more beer?

    31m - Jun 16, 2021
  • Euro 2020 Preview, Football Manager Crack and are Esports Rubbish?

    Our massive Euro 2020 / 2021 build-up episode asks if there is any home advantage for some of the host countries and why UEFA have come up with the absolute mess of having 24 teams in a tournament. We also talk about teams gaming qualification, how scoring own goals can help your team qualify (when administrators come up with ridiculous rules), and whether England should aim for second place again. Worked well last time, didn't it, Steve McClaren?

    Focusing on the teams involved in this rescheduled tournament, we wonder if Germany have a chance in the group of death, who's nailed on for the golden boot, the best bets on offer, and discuss our personal favourites for the tournament (France, obviously) and the teams we'd like to win (not France, obviously). What are England's, Scotland's and Wales's chances of getting more points than the UK embarrassment at Eurovision?

    Other topics are total football in Scotland or how they can cope with having Robertson and Tierney in the same position, flowers as national symbol, and do Löw's shitty fingers hold back die Mannschaft?

    Finally, we cover football manager games being like crack, and wonder if esports is a bag of shite or we're just getting old.


    Indonesia deliberately scoring an own goal in injury time, so they didn't have to face Vietnam in the semi finals (own goal at 56 seconds)


    A Barbadian defender deliberately scoring an own goal so his team could win by two goals in extra-time, according to an unconventional golden goal rule


    Joachim Loew Scratch n SniffJoachdfdfiPM


    48m - Jun 10, 2021
  • Lancashire are Superior, Brentford, and Way Too Much Cricket

    After Lancashire's flukey win against the mighty Yorkshire, Dale and Stephen get carried away with some cricket talk, so if you are someone who hates cricket or rugby league, you should fast forward 15 mins. Honestly.

    We discuss the point(lessness) of the Hundred, names of artificial constructs/invented teams, viewing figures on Sky vs terrestrial TV, origin games in rugby league, and suggest a new triangular competition between Lancashire and Yorkshire combining cricket, rugby league and football. Then we'll see who's best. We also wonder whether it's irrational to like sport? Should we all be joyless gits?

    Finally talking about football, this week's episode covers the playoffs showing Lancastrian superiority, Chelsea's transformation under Tuchel. Is it due to him being a cannibal or a mass murderer? Moneyball working wonders at Brentford and Midtjylland, Peterborough's constant unearthing of diamonds, being the victim of your own management success like Wilder at Sheffield United, Morecambes's hopes in League One without a manager.

    Joey Barton rears his ugly head again this week, as we talk about the danger of sinking without a trace and dropping two divisions in two seasons. And of course there is reference to our new regular topic: Austrians and cellars.

    Plus a Frank Lampard special feature: how to rewrite your CV to make it look like you won the Champions League.

    Euro 2020: your complete guide to all 622 players | Football | The Guardian


    Euro 2020: your complete guide to all 622 players

    Everything you need to know – and maybe a bit more – about all the players at the tournament, including pets, hobbies and heroes

    31m - Jun 7, 2021
  • Austrians and Cellars, Scotland and England Euro 2020

    In this week's episode, we discuss Scotland's chances at Euro 2020/2021. Could they have the upper hand against England? Great manager, best left-back in the world, decent squad. It's good odds in any case.

    We also wonder if betting against your own team is always the best bet? Are England only ever favourites in the minds of England fans? What do England need to be a successful team? A coach or a sports psychologist? A good goalkeeper would certainly help. But perhaps England can gain inspiration from the world's biggest bottle merchants, Spain?

    We also talk about the change of mentality within young English players proving themselves abroad and learning about different styles. Players lack of faith in their teammates' abilities, why trying to teach kids about football using England is a bad idea or perhaps a proper introduction, Steve McClaren, and Austrians' obsession with cellars.


    Steve McClaren vs Iceland. "I were just sayin": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaW1hqqyEhw

    Get those patriotic juices flowing with a compilation of England goalkeeper mistakes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm2vC7wC4wU

    It's not just England. Peter Enckelman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18QsjFUquD8

    Brian Moore vs Kevin Keegan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6Bupc_sE4g


    Steve McClaren's Hilarious Reaction To Iceland v England

    Steve McClaren was reporting on Iceland v England for Sky Sports News during Euro 2016. The ex-Newcastle and Derby boss was telling us how well Englan...

    22m - Jun 2, 2021
  • What are Burnley in different countries?

    It's the end of season for all our clubs, but it does allow us to ask, after a dramatic last game of the season, should Derby now be relegated? Do these two draws prove that the Championship the best league in the world? What's it like to be involved in last ditch escapes? And of course, Stephen can't resist bringing up Nigel Pepper's amazing free kick again.

    In relegation news, sorry, no Big Sam this week, but we do discuss our other regular topic, Joey Barton.Is he shit? Is a second Bristol Rovers relegation worth a bet? We also look at Sunderland's wonderful unravelling in the famous Netflix documentary and Darron Gibson's mobile phone meltdown.

    In League Two news, we cover Bolton's non-scoring promotion push, Bradford City's non-winning end of season, Salford's massive budget, wonder if Oldham Athletic is the most exciting team in the world, and find out in which socialist utopia the People's Pension Stadium is (it's Crawley).

    Over here in the EU, we look at at the title race in Ligue Un, the perilous financial state of Real Madrid & Barcelona and ask if the Super League was an existential question, and translate "Burnley" into every league and find out it means shit everywhere.

    And there is also talk of Phil Parkinson and National League finances and playoffs. Plus we end the episode with talk of managerial inspiration featuring Phil Neal at Bolton, Bryan Robson at Middlesborough and get some hands-on motivation from Ryan Giggs' stimulating teamtalk and Michael Owen's gripping helicopter tour of Dubai. Videos below.

    Hope you enjoy it!

    Nigel Pepper's free kick vs QPR in 1997: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoyUub8XCUI

    Giggsy's Man Utd teamtalk: https://twitter.com/ballstreet/status/953280252205256704

    Michael Owen's helicopter ride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFnymJDZAS8

    Nigel Pepper Bradford City QPR

    Nigel Pepper's great free kick which sealed 1st Division status in 1997 for Bradford City in a win over Queens Park Rangers

    36m - May 13, 2021
  • T-Shirt Sellers, Bundesliga, Old TV shows and Football

    In this show we have some stadium chat, who plays at the Jonny Rocks stadium? Who played at the Kit Kat stadium? Is it true, especially in League 2, that mid table teams really do give up and are on the beach?


    What is it like when 'normal' people play against professional footballers? Big clubs playing in Non League, what are they doing there!?


    References maybe on people in North West England get, Tony Wilson, music, comedy. Then onto Channel 4, shows like The Word, The Tube, Rapido, Eurotrash and Banzai. David Squires genius and the revolution will not be televised.


    In North America, some Detroit City and silly MLS names like Inter Miami.


    German and Bundesliga talk. Raul playing at Schalke, and now they are rubbish. SV Hamburg in the second Bundesliga. Are St Pauli a proper football club, or just a vehicle for selling t-shirts and a club for people that never watch football. Are the real left wing team Union Berlin?


    Football kit chat, Hull City and their horrible tiger kit, Wolves and their lovely kit, Pescara and Napoli in Serie A.


    Ian Brown, Morrissey, Matt Le Tissier, do their political views affect how you feel about what they did?


    And a little bit about Graham Alexander.


    Enjoy the football talk, or soccer for our American friends.

    30m - May 5, 2021
  • German 50+1 rule, Barrow 1972 and Where is Milton Keynes?

    In this week's episode we talk about fan owned clubs and phoenix clubs.

    The 50+1 rule in Germany, and RB Leipzig, what is this history of this Red Bull team?

    MK Dons, where Milton Keynes is, and why didnt MK Dons start from the bottom of the pyramid. Is this a franchise club, like the LA Dodgers? Are Wycombe a proper football club? Barrow being unfairly kicked out of the football league in 1972. Brentford, Billy Bean and Moneyball. Old Shrewsbury Town badge and Jim Melrose, dodgy Leeds United badge.

    Manchester City football group, how many clubs do they own? And could Mumbai City become more important.

    French Ligue 1 title race between Lille, PSG and Monaco.

    1990 European cup final, Marseille v Red Star Belgrade and a penalty shoot out.

    Golden goal and silver goal. Football and VAR, and can football learn from Rugby?

    And lots lots more! We hope you enjoy it!

    37m - Apr 30, 2021
  • European Super League Football and American Franchise Sports

    European Super League (and some other stuff)

    Would something like this lead to American sports franchise owners wanting money from local authorities, and if they don’t get it they just leave like they do with Baseball and American Football teams? Joyless American sports with no atmosphere in the stadiums, can this happen here? Can European football fans even get their head around the franchise system?

    How football became popular as a workers pastime. Anything that becomes successful, Capitalism takes it away from you.

    The so called big 6, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs, is it anything to do with sporting success they were going to be in it? Why only English Premier League, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga teams, but no German Bundesliga teams? What kind of people do something like this in the middle of a global pandemic? Will this open peoples eyes to the effects of global capitalism?

    Some suggested reforms for European competition, go back to knockout and exciting jeopardy football.

    Are Sky Sports and BT Sports commentators for criticising the European Super League?

    Ceferin being godfather to Agnelli’s daughter, and then Agnelli does this?

    A little bit of Rugby League chat.

    Final thoughts, can this bring about positive change?

    And loads more!

    Hope you enjoy our left wing football chat, or soccer for our American friends.

    45m - Apr 21, 2021
  • No Man's Land, Adventures at the End of the World and Scotland

    In this week's episode we ask are all English people scared of all Scottish people? Was Graeme Souness right about the pressure of buying shoes for kids? Would you rather meet Keane or Souness? Some Alex Ferguson talk, Manchester United and Liverpool legends. Is Carlisle the last shithole before Scotland? Is it worth taking your wife to Workington?

    We also cover competing with your neighbours and the collapse of trade unions and communities, companies monitoring workers via webcams, the state vs charity and Cameron's big society, and Danish shock at English poverty.

    We do also discuss some football, though. We also wonder why you would sack your manager towards the end of a season when your team has no chance of going up and no danger of going down? What are the motivations of moving to a 'bigger' club you have no chance of playing at? How can you judge where your club should actually be in the table? Is Bolton like a rollercoaster? Was Rochdale the most depressing team to support? How did Alex Ferguson ruined Preston's season? Is it surprising there is corruption in football? And is Tom Cleverly insane for wanting to play for his hometown club?

    We hope you enjoy it!

    Any comments, questions or anything you would like us to talk about, please contact us @IndieLiga on Twitter


    Check the link for Scotland's own Malcolm Tucker swearing a lot in the film 'In the Loop'

    39m - Apr 15, 2021
  • Environment and Ethics and Pies!

    In this week's incredibly right-on episode, the team discuss the carbon footprint of football, Forest Green Rovers being the Saint Pauli of environmentalism and how to get FIFA to approve *your* club, ethics in football as Ireland commendably resign from the World Cup and Norway take a stance for human rights, commemerating deaths at football games and questioning whose lives matter, the criteria for deciding would to support if your team went out of business, is it Manchester City? Whether you really give your heart to another team, the morality of removing match footage coverage but not racism from social media, and wonder why Cantona's kung-fu kick style retribution still makes us so happy. Football chat at it's....... we you decide.

    We also cover the similarities between Jilly Cooper and Daniel, the tax haven derby, Nigel Pepper getting a Balti Pie memorial, Lego reconstrutions vs highlights, Twitter being a cesspool of nastiness, and Eric Dier's podiatric flexibility.

    We hope you enjoy it!

    Any comments, questions or anything you would like us to talk about, please contact us @IndieLiga on Twitter

    27m - Apr 5, 2021
  • Left Wing Football Teams and Bamboo Shirts

    In this week's episode, the team discuss leftist football clubs, wonder why politics plays such a role in European football and not British football, what happened to Englishness after 2012, which pubs to avoid, Saint Pauli's theme-park populism vs Bohemian FC and Rayo Vallecano making a difference in the community, Forest Green Rovers' bamboo shirts and shithousing.

    We also discuss AS Livorno, AFC Liverpool, Hapoel Tel Aviv, Trump supporters in Verona, embarrassing choreography in Huddersfield, being mistaken for a Blackburn fan in Piraeus, Omonia Nicosia's descent from left-wing principles, telling AfD to feck off in Munich, whether using "lass" is still acceptable and ask if Daniel should keep his penis.

    AS Livorno Calcio: https://www.livornocalcio.it/

    Bohemian FC: https://bohemianfc.com/

    Rayo Vallecano de Madrid: http://www.rayovallecano.es/

    AFC Liverpool: https://afcliverpool.co.uk/

    Hapoel Tel Aviv: https://www.htafc.co.il/

    Standard de Liège: https://standard.be/en

    Adana Demirspor Kulübü: https://www.adanademirspor.org.tr/

    Virtus Verona: http://www.virtusverona.it/

    Clapton Community FC: https://www.claptoncfc.co.uk/

    AEK FC: https://www.aekfc.gr/?lang=en

    AC Omonia Nicosia: https://www.omonoiafc.com.cy/

    People's Athletic Club Omonia: https://pacomonia.com/

    Football Lads & Lasses Against Facism: https://flaf.org.uk/

    Morning Star - Leftist clubs around the world: https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/s/leftist-clubs-around-world

    Outside Write - Left Wing Football Clubs: https://outsidewrite.co.uk/left-wing-football-clubs/

    Livorno Calcio

    Home page - Livorno Calcio

    L'Associazione Sportiva Livorno Calcio, nota come Livorno, è la società calcistica italiana con sede nella città di Livorno nata nel 1915.

    34m - Mar 25, 2021
  • Footballers and Greengrocers and Spanish

    In this week's episode, the team wonder whether Gareth Bale should care more about football, we get the lowdown on Frank Lampard's Spanish lessons, teaching AS Roma board members English, Russian mafia money, non-shady Premier League owners and ask what the point is of hotels at football grounds.

    We also discuss life after football featuring Batistuta's championship winning career after football, some North East love with Mendieta staying on in Middlesbrough and Philippe Albert enjoying life in Newcastle, plus Gary Lineker working at the market, van Hooijdonk's principles and the importance of speaking up as a Dutch footballer.

    We hope you enjoy it!

    As referenced in the episode, here's the Guardian's series of articles about 90s footballers: https://www.theguardian.com/football/series/90s-footballers

    Any comments, questions or anything you would like us to talk about, please contact us @IndieLiga on Twitter

    23m - Mar 18, 2021
  • Hitchhiking to Plymouth and Capitalism

    This week's episode sees the team get into the dangers of hitchhiking to Plymouth, getting tickets off your heroes, Gareth Ainsworth's rock hairdo, financial imbalance in Scottish football, Celtic getting beat by Ross County, Papa John's Trophy crap, B Team boycotting & being fined for abiding by the rules. We also get to hear Daniel's posh Prestonian pronunciation of "disgusting", salary caps & capitalism ruining football, Mesut Özil versus Arsenal versus furloughed staff, and the Spurs invoicing the people during a pandemic. Enjoy!

    Any comments, questions or anything you would like us to talk about, please contact us @IndieLiga on Twitter.

    24m - Mar 11, 2021
  • Canadian Sporting Superstars

    In this week’s IndieLiga Chat, we talk about visiting Paris during the Tour de France, whether going to school was a massive mistake, the pinnacle of Candian snooker cool, Preston facing re-election to the football league and how to miss two penalities in a minute.

    Some famous names also come up as we delve into whether Joey Barton is mocked because he's trying to better himself, would Leighton Baines rather have been a DJ and was Dennis Irwin the most underrated footballer. Oh and of course the now semi-regular Sam Allardyce chat. We hope you enjoy it!

    Any comments, questions or anything you would like us to talk about, please contact us @IndieLiga on Twitter.

    27m - Mar 3, 2021
  • Bolton Ground Movement and the Blue Brazil

    In this IndieLiga Football Chat, we talk about Bolton ground movement, from Burnden to Reebok, the ideal matchday experience, is Bradford a city, some rugby league chat, it will never be Preston South End, getting into Scottish football, and some Pat Nevin love.

    19m - Feb 24, 2021
  • Sam Allardyce Toby Jug

    In this week’s IndieLiga Chat, we talk about leagues with the word ‘soccer’ in them, and should we even mention them? North West football, English Premier League, a little Cricket, and lots more!

    In North West football chat, we have cultural Issues for Spanish players in Wigan, Bruce Grobbelaar Choosing between Major League Baseball and Crewe (a tough choice!) Macclesfield Town old and new, and Bolton ground movement (similar to bowel movement.) and Burnley being taken over by Americans in a similar way to Manchester United.

    Some Premier League chat, Burnley being taken over by Americans in a similar way to Manchester United. Fulham V Everton talk, and Josh Maja from Sunderland ‘Til I die joining them. Newcastle United and their current and potential future owners, Mike Ashley or Saudi alternatives, Manchester City and Financial Fair Play.

    As usual a little bit of cricket chat finds its way in, are there class issues in saving cricket grounds but abandoning football grounds? 

    Other topics include Sam Allardyce drinking from Sam Allardyce toby jugs, is John McGinley the answer to everything, existential questions about what is a club, and are football clubs community assets to be protected, or a commodities to be bought and sold, wasting resources on building stadiums for the Olympics and World cups, and much more! We hope you enjoy it!

    Any comments, questions or anything you would like us to talk about, please contact us @IndieLiga on Twitter.

    E2 - 31m - Feb 17, 2021
  • Bag of You Know What

    The three of us talk about all sorts of Estonian confusion in Bradford, who has fallen off a plane, Soviet leaders supporting a North West Football club, Liverpool goalkeepers name puzzle, Gazza and Shilton in their Maradona chat, and much much more with a beer and a laugh. Enjoy this very non mainstream football podcast.

    E1 - 42m - Feb 10, 2021
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