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Ashton Cohen: The ELECTile Dysfunction Podcast

More interesting than NPR, more provocative than Only Fans. Ashton Cohen is an accomplished attorney, investor, and commentator, delivering humorous, informative, insightful, and candid discussions with some of the brightest minds in the world in the areas of politics, business, finance, cryptocurrencies, history, tech, society, culture, and the law.

The ELECTile Dysfunction Podcast rebukes political correctness and groupthink to serve as a safe space only for wit, satire, thought-provoking ideas, and stimulating conversations.


Episode 53: How Do Revolutions Start? The Rise of the Nazis, Communists, Jacobins, & Ayatollahs. Guest: Daniel Chirot
Show Details1hr 7min
[Bonus] The FBI Raid on Trump: Is the FBI Being Used to Stop Trump in 2024?
Show Details2min 46s
Episode 51: Can Bitcoin Still Solve Inflation & Provide Us With A More Abundant World? Guest: Jeff Booth
Show Details40min 3s
Episode 50: An Israel/Saudi Arabia Alliance, Iran, & A Changing Middle East. Guest: Israeli Brigadier General Amir Avivi
Show Details40min 10s
Drugs Part III: The Untold History of Big Pharma, the Opioid Epidemic, & Kennedy Assassination Conspiracies. Guest: Gerald Posner
Show Details53min 6s
Drugs Part II: Dr. Carl Hart on the Case for Complete Drug Legalization
Show Details47min 38s
Drugs Part I: The Promise of Ecstasy. Guest: Psychotherapist Charley Wininger
Show Details40min 26s
Episode 46: NFT Expert on the Present and Future of NFTs. Guest: Arvin Khamseh
Show Details53min 4s
Episode 45: Housing Policy Expert on Why Homes Are So Expensive & Solutions to Housing Unaffordability. Guest: Howard Husock
Show Details43min 49s
Episode 44: Crime, Homelessness, & Unaffordable Housing in California. What are the Solutions? Guest: Lee Ohanian
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 43: A Transgender Man and Educator on Transgenderism, Trans Medical Procedures, and Their Impact on Children. Guest: Scott Newgent
Show Details40min 15s
Episode 42: Are Things Truly Getting Worse? The Biggest Global Trends Smart People Should Know w/ Marian Tupy
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 41: Democrats as the Party of the Rich? Republicans as the Working Class Party? Guest: Yuval Levin
Show Details45min 28s
Episode 40: Current and Future Global Conflicts; Russia, China, Ukraine, India & the Middle East. Guest: John Sitilides
Show Details54min 54s
Episode 39: Will Cuba's Digital Revolution Lead to an Overthrow of the Communist Regime? Guest: Ted Henken
Show Details51min 58s
Episode 38: Bitcoin as the World Reserve Currency, How Income Taxes Fuel War, & the Future of the Nation-State. Guest: Dominic Frisby
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 37: Historian Sean McMeekin on Russia, Ukraine & Reevaluating Stalin's Role in History
Show Details52min 10s
Episode 36: Russia/Ukraine & the Enfeebled Biden Presidency
Show Details14min 43s
Episode 35: Creating a Better California for the Middle Class. Guest: Pete Peterson
Show Details59min 32s
Episode 34: America’s Economic Future, China, & Woke Wall Street. Guest: Former Whitehouse Director of Economic Policy Todd Buchholz
Show Details57min 12s
Episode 33: The Ongoing Joe Rogan Censorship Crusade
Show Details12min 30s
Episode 32: Democratic Congressional Candidate Aarika Rhodes on Bitcoin, UBI, Homelessness in CA, & Education
Show Details35min 50s
Episode 31: Is America Still "The Land of Hope?" Guest: Wilfred McClay
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 30: Lessons From Serial Entrepreneur Who Made Over $1 Billion by Age 18. Guest: Shaahin Cheyene
Show Details57min 47s
Episode 29: EMP Attacks, New Nuclear Threats, & Chinese/Russian Hypersonic Missiles. Guest: Dr. Peter Pry
Show Details1hr 29min
Episode 28: Will Iran Get Nuclear Bombs? Guest: Alex Vatanka
Show Details58min 59s
Episode 27: The Iranian Revolution: How the Clash of Islam v. Persian Culture Changed History. Guest: Manda Zand Ervin
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 26: How Venezuela Went From Wealthier than Germany to Poorer than Zimbabwe. Guest: Venezuelan Freedom Activist & Economist Daniel Di Martino
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 25: How Bitcoin Saves Us From Authoritarianism, Economic Despair, & Toxic Ideologies. Guest: Robert Breedlove
Show Details51min 56s
Episode 24: Analyzing Big Supreme Court 2nd Amend. Case, the Build Back Better Bill, GOP Expectations for the 2022 Midterms, & the Political Culture Wars. Guest: Brad Polumbo
Show Details54min 36s
Episode 23: How Millennials Can Achieve Financial Freedom, Stocks, Bitcoin, the Student Loan Bomb & Inflation. Guest: David Grasso
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 22: Lies & Racism From the Media - From CRT to Rittenhouse Coverage to Waukesha Massacre
Show Details11min 49s
Episode 21: Elaine Parker of the Job Creators Network on Suing the Biden Admin. Over the Vaccine Mandate, Inflation Concerns, & State of the Economy
Show Details46min 22s
Episode 20: Yaron Brook on Socialism, the Morality of Capitalism, CRT, Woke Corporations, & Regulating Big Tech
Show Details58min 1s
Episode 19: The Decline of Liberalism on the Left. Guest: James Kirchick
Show Details1hr 15min
Episode 18: The 10 "Inconvenient Truths" You Are Not Allowed to Talk About
Show Details13min 58s
Episode 17: Constitutional Scholar and Judge Michael Warren on Threats to the Constitution, Vaccine Mandates, Texas Abortion Law, & Regulating Big Tech.
Show Details1hr 20min
Episode 16: How Bezos & Amazon Took Over the World. Guest: Steve Anderson, Author of The Bezos Letters
Show Details46min 50s
Episode 15: Multiculturalism, Islam & the West. Guest: Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 14: Is the Vaccine Mandate Constitutional?
Show Details9min 19s
Episode 13: The War on Drugs, Mexican Cartels, FBI, CIA, WMDs, & National Security Threats. Guest: Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Todd Hulsey
Show Details1hr 17min
Episode 12: The Economy, Stocks, Bitcoin, Crypto, and Investment Decision-Making. Guest: Herb Morgan
Show Details56min 57s
Episode 11: The Moral Case for Bitcoin. Guest: Jimmy Song
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 10: WTF Happened to Afghanistan?
Show Details12min 7s
Episode 9: Will China Collapse This Decade? Guest: Jason Szeftel
Show Details1hr 15min
Episode 8: Robert Rosen on the History of Pornography , Cancel Culture, and First Amendment Battles.
Show Details1hr 19min
Episode 7: Brandi Love/Turning Points USA Controversy- Can Pornstars be Conservative?
Show Details10min 23s
Episode 6: The Biden Administration is Saving You 16 Whole Cents on this Fourth of July!
Show Details6min 43s
Episode 5: How Bitcoin Helps us Escape From Inflation Caused by Reckless Spending & Misguided Monetary Policies
Show Details15min 34s
Episode 4: The Rise in Antisemitism
Show Details17min 52s
Episode 3: Kaveh the Leftist Blacksmith on Israel/Palestine and Woke Politics
Show Details1hr 23min
Episode 2: Gabriella Hoffman on state of American Politics, cancel culture, solutions for California & the Biden Administration
Show Details1hr 20min
Episode 1: China's Rise and California's Demise
Show Details14min 38s
Introduction to our show!
Show Details9min 32s