908: Brandon Novak | Why Filming 'Jackass' Was a Junkie's Dream

1h 8m | Feb 19, 2024

Today I'm making friends with Brandon Novak - professional skateboarder and star of the hit show Viva La Bam and the movies Jackass.

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** About Brandon Novak

From Baltimore, Maryland, Brandon was a professional skateboarder discovered by Tony Hawk and rose to fame on the hit MTV show Viva la Bam, and the movies Jackass. As a teen, he became addicted to heroin which lasted for 20 years. He wrote the addiction memoir, Dreamseller, and it became a best seller on Amazon. He also penned The Brandon Novak Chronicles and recently, The Streets of Baltimore. Brandon gives back by helping people into treatment celebrating 8 years clean in May 2023 and nearly 5 years tobacco free.

He relates to millions of people across the country; 1 in 4 to be exact who are directly affected by addiction in their family. He travels the country as one of the most in-demand addiction keynote speakers, bringing awareness and education to high schools across the nation. Brandon truly embodies someone who can turn their life around. Brandon has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives through his story of sobriety.

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