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Liquid Sound

A weekly show dedicated to music, songwriting, and the creative process. Join singer/songwriter Gino Brann as he listens to original songs and interviews the artists behind them, diving deep into the finer points of songcraft, recording, and performance.

Each episode features a musician who discusses their original work. Guests share previously recorded tracks and tell stories of what inspired the music and how the songs were crafted and recorded. Episodes often conclude with a live performance jam by the guest and host.

Along the way to the outgrooves, they also chat about life, labor, love, and everything within rimshot. This podcast is a great listen for musicians, music fans, and anyone curious about human interest stories and harnessing creativity within.


• Created and produced by Gino Brann (@ginobrann)

• Artwork by Jeongmin Lee (@mintheelephant)

• Intro music: "Me? Oui!" by Gino Brann

• Outro music: "Forever" by Jen Sotham


Liquid Sound, in cooperation with the Liquid Arts Network, is recorded at the Liquid Arts Network Studio, Oryukdo, Busan, South Korea.


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Lizz Kalo
Show Details41min 24s
Show Details1hr 2min
Split Kick
Show Details46min 42s
Rob the Universe
Show Details48min 18s
David Glover [Tamagotchi JEEZUS]
Show Details51min 13s
Eguelson Legagneur
Show Details51min 10s
Mike Laveck
Show Details44min 52s
Show Details44min 47s
Bathing Belles
Show Details46min 38s
Mike Ventola
Show Details46min 14s
Show Details39min 8s
Jordan Lewis
Show Details50min 14s
Gordon Bazsali Jr.
Show Details51min 57s
Kelly Brassbridge [JJones]
Show Details47min 58s
CeCe Kim
Show Details45min 15s
Welcome to Liquid Sound!
Show Details1min 26s