Nathan Barnatt Talks Dad Secrets and Life as Other People [Ep. 82]

2h 17m | Mar 11, 2021
*Spotify:* *Apple:* *Patreon* : Join our *Discord* to talk with artists, creators, and fans of the finer things in online life: *Nathan Barnatt’s* talent extends in so many different directions that it’s difficult to summarize. He’s a character comedian, he’s a physical comedian, he’s a dancer, a musician, a surreal storyteller… in 15+ years on YouTube and other media, he’s given us *Keith Apicary, Trale Lewous, and now Dad*. But if he had a blank check, he’d produce the film “Loss Vegas.” TV and movies are both expensive -- really expensive. Throughout the episode, Nathan details a host of projects over the years that have started and stopped, from Adult Swim pilots to pitches. He’s still waiting for the big one to pay off, but it’s better than being a gravedigger. There is an issue of having lots of projects and not enough time, as well as the expense of it all. This is just the way the business works, though, and Nathan and the rest of us have to deal with it. Then it’s time for a rundown on Dad, which we find out is *not* an ARG. Dad’s a robot who’s integrating other YouTubers in a long-running storyline, and that makes for a combination of compelling, dynamic, and surreal. Dad’s videos are absolutely peppered with easter eggs and puzzles for his audience to solve -- and sometimes that element of the videos takes longer to plan and execute than the actual content. But all of this is better than the old days of VCR and tape editing. And when Nathan tells us about his long history of injuries and near-arrests, it’s shocking that he’s lived long enough to experience modernity. The Patrons jump in to ask questions about separating himself from his characters, stunts and Gymnasty, and the process of acting first and then begging for forgiveness. Thanks to everyone who showed up to listen and lurk, and a special thanks to the Patrons who make this show happen every single week. *Nathan Barnatt* : 🎥 CREDITS: Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor Produced and Edited by Ben Webster → Theme by Mega Drive → ( ) Opening Animation: Kidmograph City Animation: Eric Langlay "The Create Unknown" is produced by Unknown Media. 💬 CONNECT WITH US: » Chat with us on DISCORD: » Follow us on TWITTER: » Follow us on INSTAGRAM: » Follow us on FACEBOOK: » View our website: ( ) Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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