James Marriott Has No Left Brain [Ep. 78]

2h 6m | Feb 11, 2021
Listen to us on *Apple Podcasts:* *Spotify:* 100% of *Patreon* funds go to making The Create Unknown, and you can get early access to episodes for just $2: Join our *Discord* to talk with artists, creators, and fans of the finer things in online life: *Check out “No Left Brain”* : *James Marriott* is one of the most beloved creators in the UK, and after spending a little time talking to him, it’s obvious why. If a man can deconstruct the appeal and explain the criticism of beans on toast, he can accomplish anything. He’s had a consistent schedule of content that’s turned into a bit of a grind, especially with adding in the *EBoys* podcast and streaming. There’s a little specter of anxiety that hovers over him when he’s not releasing regularly. James napping through his 100k subs threshold reinforces that YouTubers really are just normal people regardless of their views and sub counts. Like iDubbbz and others we’ve talked to, his content is evolving. His commentary videos from years ago just aren’t the style he’s pursuing now, and he has no intention of returning to those roots -- especially with music on the horizon. He actually started YouTube as a music channel, and his first song “Slow Down” (produced by John Swan) was extremely popular. When his EP *“No Left Brain”* dropped a month ago, it resulted in a viral single called “Him” that has been used in thousands of TikToks and hit the UK viral charts. But what will keep James’ career going indefinitely is his honest, appropriate respect for his fans. In the era of parasocial relationships, James is doing it right. The Patrons jump in to ask a litany of questions about anime, the EBoys, and James’ fursona. Thanks to everyone who joined the Discord to listen in, and a special thanks to all the Patrons who make this show possible every week. 🎥 CREDITS: Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor Produced and Edited by Ben Webster → Theme by Mega Drive → ( ) Opening Animation: Kidmograph City Animation: Eric Langlay "The Create Unknown" is produced by Unknown Media. 💬 CONNECT WITH US: » Chat with us on DISCORD: » Follow us on TWITTER: » Follow us on INSTAGRAM: » Follow us on FACEBOOK: » View our website: ( ) Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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