Food4Dog's YouTube Story Is The Best We've Ever Heard [Ep. 83]

2h 4m | Mar 18, 2021
*Spotify:* *Apple:* *Patreon* : Join our *Discord* to talk with artists, creators, and fans of the finer things in online life: *Food4Dogs* is a UK-turned-New Zealand gaming YouTuber with absolutely nothing traditional about her story, and she’s got a lot of it to tell. We go back 30 years to Britta’s first forays into technology jobs and the internet, which makes her stand out among her peers in terms of her comfort and confidence with the medium. Sometimes friends and family don’t understand her love for gaming, but she keeps her head up. The Grand Dames -- her gaming friend-group with their own podcast -- understands, though. Then we hear the most incredible story we’ve ever witnessed on The Create Unknown -- Britta’s improbable journey from PS3 contest winner to wildly popular international gaming YouTuber. We’re not going to summarize the story here because honestly, you really need to hear her tell it. It’s amazing, and it’s a real-life example of the archetypal ‘Hero’s Journey.’ It’s easy to understand how gaming took root in Britta’s life as she explains how a new game carries excitement, wondering who she’ll meet, a bit of anxiety, and what she describes as “pure magic.” Combine that outlook with the wisdom she’s gained over several decades and gaming takes on a new meaning. And as she says, “If you want to see life in all of its glory… start a YouTube channel.” The Patrons have lots of questions for Britta, including what other content she watches in her limited time, whether she’s got any gaming limitations, her excitement over assistive technology, and why she really has no interest in shooting anyone in the head. We can’t reinforce enough that this is one of the best episodes we’ve recorded, if not the best. It’s one that we’ll be very, very proud of for as long as we do TCU. Thanks to Britta for spending a few hours with us, and thanks to everyone who showed up -- and stayed after! -- for this unparalleled event. *Food4Dogs* : ( ) 🎥 CREDITS: Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor Produced and Edited by Ben Webster → Theme by Mega Drive → ( ) Opening Animation: Kidmograph City Animation: Eric Langlay "The Create Unknown" is produced by Unknown Media. 💬 CONNECT WITH US: » Chat with us on DISCORD: » Follow us on TWITTER: » Follow us on INSTAGRAM: » Follow us on FACEBOOK: » View our website: ( ) Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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