TCU's 2020 Highlights Compilation [Ep. 73]

1h 22m | Jan 7, 2021
Listen to us on *Apple Podcasts:* *Spotify:* 100% of *Patreon* funds go to making The Create Unknown, and you can get early access to episodes for just $2: Join our *Discord* to talk with artists, creators, and fans of the finer things in online life: *Welcome to a very special edition of The Create Unknown.* Thanks to all of you, we had an incredible year, and before we do more we’ve got Meat Canyon, Rusty Cage, CordWit, and on the way. We wanted to recap some of the absolute best moments of 2020 as chosen by us and all of you. We’ve got Schlatt, Michael Reeves, iDubbbz, psychicpebbles and more -- but we’re going to start with Justin Whang, whose RT is actually coveted currency in the YouTube ecosystem. He’s also got a theory about the Boogie gun incident, too. Michael Reeves is one of our favorite evil geniuses, and he’s got a unique workflow that runs parallel to his overall mystery -- and a little bit about a piss cup. JSchlatt was one of our most popular episodes of 2020. He tells us about his exceedingly warm CaptainSparklez mansion experience, and gets even more heated about cereals and cereal residue. Were you disappointed that your PS4 didn’t run Cyberpunk 2077 very well? SumitoMedia is about to further crush your gaming dreams. iDubbbz jumped into the Unknown at just the right time to talk about Leafy’s ban from YouTube and how we all should approach a more heavily-regulated future -- and the fursona question? That went poorly. GloZell lended her camel milk expertise in a quest to tell us about how not to manage money. And oh my god, the leeches. Eggy is one of our absolute favorite YouTubers and social media personalities, and the first thing you really need to know about Eggy lore is… the uh, the school shooting problem. After that, we get his freestyle TCU rap. Sonichu, occupying the body of Christine Weston Chandler, explained everything about the upcoming dimensional merge. Her Twitter followers know that it began a few weeks ago. Sonichu has had a hell of a run on the internet, and gave us the best 3-second highlight in the history of The Create Unknown. Oddguy, also known as EZPZ, one our first real controversial guest, and his episode is a must-listen. He speaks for Encyclopedia Dramatica, so he’s got a unique perspective on where we draw the line for making fun of people -- or not. And PsychicPebbles continues to be our most popular guest, probably because of the life advice you’re about to hear. As a bonus, we get Because I bit ya. Michael Cusack is one of the funniest, most talented animators anywhere, but his alter ego Lucas the Magnificent is the one making a comeback on social media. And we finish with Happy Console Gamer giving us a rundown on how to do. It’s a perfectly positive note to end 2020 on. Tots, Dumpster Crew, Infantry, Babies, Creators and Space Cowboys, you’ve given us an incredible year and we’re excited to lead off 2021. 🎥 CREDITS: Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor Produced and Edited by Ben Webster → Theme by Mega Drive → ( ) Opening Animation: Kidmograph City Animation: Eric Langlay "The Create Unknown" is produced by Unknown Media. 💬 CONNECT WITH US: » Chat with us on DISCORD: » Follow us on TWITTER: » Follow us on INSTAGRAM: » Follow us on FACEBOOK: » View our website: ( ) Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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