3PL Services and How it Supports Social Enterprise with Dena Hirschberg and Isela Flores of HHPLift - Ep 42

21m | Apr 23, 2024

Helping social enterprises manage the headache of fulfillment with HHPLift’s 3PL services (Warehousing and Fulfillment). With over 10 years experience, state-of-the-art technology, and an opportunity to provide job training in the growing logistics field, HHPLift will take the headache off your plate so you can do what you do best - create impact.


Dena is President & CEO of HHPLift, a Chicago-based non-profit, and a People and Planet First Verified social enterprise. HHPLift's mission is to create quality jobs for the people who need them most, and through their LiftWorks program, has served over 250 individuals from 36 under-resourced communities in Chicago. Her primary focus includes: establishing and strengthening strategic partnerships, educating companies about increasing ways they can source products for their programs in a socially sustainable way, and expanding the impact of its LiftWorks Program, HHPLift’s job creation and career development program.

Isela Flores enjoys working at a social enterprise where the day to day translates directly to meaningful impact. She oversees HHPLift’s Operations. Prior to working at HHPLift, Isela worked at a larger corporation for many years. Her experiences with HHPLift have been rewarding and she enjoys the family-like atmosphere and working for a nonprofit.


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