Celebrating Achievement Against the Odds: Bob Woodson's Legacy of Empowering Low-Income Communities

48m | Jun 28, 2023

Do you believe that the real solutions to poverty can only be found by looking to people on the right or the left? In this episode of "Fulfilling the Dream with Wayman Brett," Bob Woodson, the founder and president of the Woodson Center and 1776 Unites, shares his views on poverty and solutions to poverty. He believes that the character of a nation is determined by how it treats the least of God's children and that all the answers to poverty are contained within the community suffering the problem.

Bob Woodson emphasizes the need to invest in successful grassroots leaders and social entrepreneurs to expand their success. He also stresses the importance of surrounding oneself with hopeful people and looking for examples of people who are achieving against the odds. Through his work with the Achievement Against the Odds program, he identifies and honors individuals who have achieved against the odds. Bob concludes by sharing his hope that his legacy will be one of promoting heroes among the least of these and using any acknowledgement he receives to further this cause. Tune in to this episode to learn more about Bob Woodson's inspiring work and his vision for a better future.

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