• Above The Competition ft. Patrick Bush

    This episode features Patrick Bush, owner of Patman Droneography. The conversation surrounds Pat's drone flying expertise and what it takes to get started! The group also discusses their connections with the Michigan Singers, a religious traveling choir and live band that featured high-schoolers performing in various churches in the region. The episode ends with Pat's new passion for the popular video-game Rocket League. His love of flying undoubtedly contributes to his fondness for this aerodynamic e-sport.

    38m - Mar 2, 2021
  • Choir Life Ft. Jake Salisbury

    This interview features Jake Salisbury, senior at Central Michigan University talking about his life in music and choir. He describes how he found a place in theatre and eventually in choir and used his passion for teaching in conjunction with his then newfound love of music. He encourages deep thought and appreciation for deeper meaning within art and modern music.

    S1E6 - 42m - Feb 16, 2021
  • How's It Sound? ft. Elijah Schweikert

    Titus interviews Elijah about his experience as an audio technician. The discussion includes advice for people starting out in audio and gives some useful beginner tips. He recommends trying out lots of different DAW programs to find the one that's right for you! And leaves us with a quote from Chris Guillebeau, host of Side Hustle School, "If you want to have more luck, take more chances."

    S1E5 - 35m - Feb 1, 2021
  • New Old New Music! ft. Denis Koepke

    Denis Keopke, lead singer of Winterhaven Motel delves into his hopes for the bands' future, setbacks in the wake of Covid-19, and a refreshing optimism about the state of the world. He leaves us with some chilling words relating to a phalic fruit and its vinegar soaked counterpart.

    S1E4 - 36m - Jan 25, 2021
  • Adventures In Retail

    The band gets together and talks about their riveting experience working in various grocery stores. Some of these tales are rather funny, others simply make us question if humans are worthy of their existence. We'll let you decide. Either way, we're having a great time sharing!

    S1E3 - 54m - Jan 18, 2021
  • F*@k SeaWorld ft. Maddy Mandich

    The interview with local pet store employee Maddy Mandich takes a turn when we potentially coined a new phrase regarding SeaWorld's inhumane practices. The group agrees that animals should be cared for in the most humane way possible and enjoy discussing our own experience with the delightful animals in our own lives.

    S1E2 - 36m - Jan 11, 2021
  • Songwriting Q&A

    This episode features members of No Tomatoes discussing their individual songwriting approach while answering questions posed to the songwriters community on facebook. Each one of them approaches this craft in a different manner. They describe how musicians often face inner turmoil relating to songwriting from various sources. The three friends unravel those perceptual tensions between artistry, business, and fame.

    S1E1 - 44m - Jan 1, 2021
  • Let's Talk Politics ft. Robert Kilgo

    Elijah Schweikert interviews Rob Kilgo about his interaction with politics in hopes to initiate conversation among young people. Beginning with an overview of Rob's experience and personal qualifications the pair discuss issues such as the separation of church and state, abortion, marijuana legalization, third party candidates and more!

    S1E1 - 47m - Oct 22, 2020
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