Tales From Helheim

Welcome to Tales From Helheim. Here you will hear scary, creepy, even evil stories from across the web! Cover art photo by

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St. Lukes Home Pre-investigation
Show Details40min 10s
Investigation Teaser
Show Details6min 54s
Skinwalker vs Wendigo
Show Details30min 50s
Quick update
Show Details1min 1s
The Investigation
Show Details23min 9s
The calm before the storm
Show Details22min 45s
The glitch in the matrix and zombies
Show Details32min 10s
The Horrors of the world
Show Details27min 31s
Wicca and investigations
Show Details31min 30s
Totems and apartment ghosts
Show Details31min 45s
Dreams can kill.
Show Details38min 50s
Warehouse Investigation
Show Details59min 5s
Dangers of the dark web
Show Details42min 15s
The Bedroom Tapes 2
Show Details37min 46s
The Bedroom Tapes
Show Details53min 33s
The Apartment Tapes
Show Details26min 2s
The warehouse tapes
Show Details19min 22s
Upset ghost
Show Details38min 35s
Tall Man Times
Show Details25min 56s
Show Details33min 13s
Why Asylums Part 2
Show Details48min 43s
Why Asylums?
Show Details33min 46s
Stories From The Past
Show Details2hr 6min
Ghost Encounters Live
Show Details1hr 27min
Show Details48min 59s
Creepy Stories
Show Details1hr 11min
Ignore Them!
Show Details5min 12s
Time Travel
Show Details5min 32s
Clean up on aisle 12
Show Details5min 12s
The Stalker
Show Details4min
Glitch in the matrix.
Show Details3min 37s
A+ Buffet
Show Details3min 44s
Show Details5min 27s
The Room With The Train
Show Details8min 49s
Ski Trip Gone Wrong
Show Details3min 44s
Church Haunting
Show Details4min 42s
My Neighbor Was A Murderer.
Show Details5min 2s
Baby Smuggling
Show Details3min 46s
The Doll In The Storage Room
Show Details3min 52s
Demon Encountered?
Show Details8min 49s
The Creepy Trail Guy.
Show Details3min 1s
4am Fire
Show Details10min 5s
Season 3 end
Show Details1min 2s
Man In My House Don't Come Back!
Show Details5min 9s
The First Time I Went To A Boy's Place
Show Details6min 12s
I Think I Have A Bigfoot Problem
Show Details5min 35s
My Parents Haunted House
Show Details10min 3s
I’m Afraid It Wasn’t Just A Dream
Show Details5min 19s
My terrifying encounter in a Soviet Red Army war tunnel.
Show Details10min 44s
Christian Online Dating Gone Wrong
Show Details5min 26s
Maple Crest Demon
Show Details3min 47s
Elderly Lady In The Wrong Car
Show Details2min 34s
Something In The Woods
Show Details4min 11s
The Cemetery
Show Details3min 8s
A Wendigo Broke Into My House
Show Details4min 45s
My First Sleep Paralysis Story
Show Details5min 12s
My Parents Came To Visit Me. I Wish They Didn’t
Show Details5min 1s
The cannery
Show Details6min 6s
I Think The Water Plant Is Haunted
Show Details5min 12s
Please Lock Your Doors
Show Details7min 28s
A Story from my Childhood
Show Details10min 49s
The Women in the White Dress
Show Details3min 35s
The Old Women
Show Details5min 43s
Death in the Family
Show Details55s
An Interaction with a Pedophile
Show Details5min 24s
The Man in the Truck
Show Details5min 52s
My 2 Scariest Experiences
Show Details7min 36s
Taxi Horror
Show Details7min 7s
Season Break
Show Details1min 1s
Haunted Gym? I don't know what to think anymore.
Show Details23min 9s
Show Details48s
In My Room !!
Show Details8min 42s
The Girl in The Mirror
Show Details8min 33s
Run When I Say Run!
Show Details12min 42s
The Yokosuka Banshee
Show Details7min 11s
My Dad Witnessed A Ghost At Work!
Show Details5min 34s
Moving craziness
Show Details1min 21s
My Pedo Neighbor!
Show Details6min 12s
Was he holding a knife..?
Show Details7min 11s
Not the ending you're expecting!
Show Details7min 4s
Stop Staring You Creep/Shower Stalker
Show Details7min 50s
The Night in the Forest!
Show Details7min 4s
Haunted church and church entity
Show Details7min 47s
Technical difficulties
Show Details2min 1s
Getting visited by an alien!
Show Details9min 26s
Terrifying Childhood Dreams!
Show Details8min 47s
I almost accidentally joined a cult!!
Show Details8min 17s
My Personal Haunting
Show Details12min 43s
A Disturbing Chase
Show Details31min 34s
Sleep Paralysis
Show Details7min 37s
I Would Not Belong To Him
Show Details31min 21s
My Stalker Story/Inappropriate Act of Kindness
Show Details9min 18s
A Visit From Slenderman
Show Details10min 38s
Arizona Desert Skinwalker
Show Details18min 25s
This House Possessed!
Show Details12min
A story of fear
Show Details2min 30s
Love spell gone wrong!!
Show Details11min 41s
A Hitchhiker’s Nightmare
Show Details11min 41s
Paranormal Experience
Show Details8min 10s