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Podcast Famous

Join this Chicago/ NWI based media podcast as they discuss music, culture, and events. Local interviews, reviews, and behind the scene stories from our experiences as a Professional DJ, Event Promoter, and Fight Trainer.


Mike from Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours
Show Details23min 56s
Carlos M. Of Jibaro Dance Studio of EC
Show Details20min 21s
The Michael Jackson House and tribute
Show Details42min 28s
Aug Update
Show Details1min 27s
Mi Tierra Mariachi Concerts in Chicago
Show Details53min 54s
Will Trump make Twitter great again?
Show Details7min 49s
Elon Musk Buys Twitter..my thoughts
Show Details5min 56s
The birth of the Mariachi Show
Show Details6min 54s
So you want to be a fight promoter? Glory Kickboxing Episode
Show Details7min 21s
My martial Arts Journey to Glory
Show Details4min 36s
Mariachi Acero of East Chicago
Show Details5min 24s
How The Mariachi Kickboxing DJ won the Midwest
Show Details4min 1s
Quick Intro
Show Details37s