(REUPLOAD) The Nightcap (The Top Five Perplexing Earthbound Questions)

27m | Feb 10, 2023

Greetings, everyone out in the universe! Your humble narrator is back with another tale to tell, but this time, I visit one of the most tumultuous and unstable, yet strikingly beautiful and haunting, planets out there. A place where anything is possible and impossible at the same time. You should know the area well as it is YOUR home; Earth. Yes, I take a deep dive into your world exploring topics that have baffled your brightest minds such as what happened to the dinosaurs and an unknown organism that continues to cause scientists to lose their minds. There is something for everyone in this one and you do not want to miss it! Instagram - @_the_nightcap_ Ko-fi - BooPod Network IG Members: @darktalesfromtheroad @hauntedukpodcast @generallyspooky @horror_roulette @mumsmysteriesandmurder @murderroadtrippod @theparanormaltruth @shittin_bricks_podcast @theactivitycontinues @theskylarkbell

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