The Top Ten Internet Urban Legends

38m | Oct 30, 2023

Happy Halloween, creeps and ghouls! Welcome to a special BooPod Network collaboration complete with many talented podcasters that are excited to give you the scares, chills and unknown night terrors that you all crave. This year, we are delivering some crazy urban legends and your humble narrator is capping things off with some of the digital variety. There are some you may have heard of and some you may have overlooked. Heard of the Momo Challenge? How about the memory cramper that is Candle Cove? Whatever late night conspiracy theory or rumor milling you have participated in, or may NOT have, be prepared to get comfortable by the fire for some craziness and bizarre electronic lore. TUNE IN NOW!!




(In order of collab entries):

IG - @shittin.bricks.podcast

IG - @hauntedorhoaxpod

IG - @hauntedhappyhourpodcast

IG - @wheel_of_horror

IG - @theactivitycontinues

IG - @certainlystrangethepodcast

IG - @theskylarkbell 

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