342 - Thu Nguyen + Timothy Bui - M.E.M.O. - Medical, Educational Missions & Outreach.

56m | Apr 15, 2024

M.E.M.O. is an acronym for Medical, Educational Missions & Outreach. A The organization consists of a group of doctors, health professionals, and student volunteers that travel to Vietnam to hold free health clinics in villages. Part of the mission of M.E.M.O is to conduct a preliminary needs assessment, administer vitamins for the severely malnourished population, treat patients to the highest ethical standard, and sponsor referrals to those with needs beyond the mission's capabilities.

Every summer a group consisting of doctors, health professionals, and student volunteers from U.C.I., U.S.C & U.C.S.D. chapters of M.E.M.O. travel to impoverished communities in Vietnam. It is during this mission trip that the programs (Dental, Heart, Hope, Scholarship) reach fruition, thanks to the dedicated volunteer members throughout the year as well as the mission goers and doctors who dedicate their expertise as well.

M.E.M.O holds free health clinics in rural areas for 3-4 days of the mission trip. During these clinics, trained M.E.M.O. volunteers have the opportunity to partake in the following stations: patient intake, crowd control, triage, dental, pharmacy, consultation, EKG, ultrasound and physical therapy. 

Through these health clinics, the students have the privilege to not only assist the underserved communities of Vietnam but also have the opportunity to observe and learn first hand from medical professionals. The volunteer doctors can provide primary assessment, prescribe medication and/or transfer patients to the EKG or ultrasound specialists. For patients who require care that are beyond M.E.M.O's capabilities, sponsor referrals to local hospitals are available so that local patients are able to get the necessary treatment.

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