Biblical Literacy 101

Biblical Literacy 101 is a weekly Bible class that focuses on an in-depth, verse-by-verse syllabus. Class is held every Friday @6:30pm at Columbus Baptist Church. Our Friday night class is attended by those between the ages of 18-40, but we encourage all to join us by listening to our weekly uploads.


Psalms 14 & 15 (taught by Matthew Swart)
Show Details55min 38s
Psalms 12 & 13 (taught by Justin Lunetta)
Show Details57min 37s
Psalms 10 & 11 (taught by Jesse Dill)
Show Details54min 15s
Psalms 8 & 9 (taught by Matthew Swart)
Show Details50min 54s
Psalms 6 & 7 (taught by Justin Lunetta)
Show Details56min 2s
Psalms 4 & 5 (taught by Justin Lunetta)
Show Details57min 21s
Psalms 1, 2 & 3 (taught by Justin Lunetta)
Show Details59min 12s