• What can mental toughness do for your culture? | The Culture Hack | EP9 - Penny Mallory

    In this episode, Matt Furness speaks to Penny Mallory.


    Penny became the first woman to drive a World Rally Car (WRC)-specification in the otherwise male-dominated FIA World Rally Championship. She is a former TV presenter and a stunt driver.


    Today, she has become a keynote speaker and leading authority on the topic of Mental Toughness.


    Listen to hear:

    ✅ The myths and misconceptions around mental toughness

    ✅ How mental toughness sits with ideas like self-love

    ✅ Practical ways to develop mental toughness in yourself and others

    38m - Mar 29, 2024
  • How to harness neurodiversity at work | The Culture Hack | EP8 - Franck Brown

    In this episode, Matt Furness speaks to Franck Brown.


    Franck is a Neurodiversity coach, educator, and trainer. He’s the founder of Conscious Clarity, an organisation that supports neurodivergent people in the workplace and supports organisations to get the most from neurodivergent talent.


    Listen to hear:

    ✅ The key difference between neurodiversity and neurodivergence

    ✅ How “a rising tide lifts all boats”

    ✅ How to create an inclusive environment for neurodivergent talent

    48m - Feb 29, 2024
  • Building culture with Big Bold Mindsets | The Culture Hack | EP7 - Caspar Craven

    In this episode, Matt Furness speaks to Caspar Craven.

    Caspar has sailed around the world twice. The first time on the World’s toughest Yacht Race and the second time with his family.

    He was a Director at KPMG and has had several stints as a CFO. He has built multiple ventures, one of which he sold for a 7-figure sum. He’s a best-selling author and has now become an inspirational keynote speaker.

    Listen to hear Caspar answer:

    ✅ When you were CFO, how high or low was culture on your business’ priority list?

    ✅ What would have persuaded you to invest more in culture?

    ✅ What are the shifts leaders must make to build healthier cultures?

    ✅ What are practical things leaders can do to positively shape culture?

    42m - Jan 22, 2024
  • Making culture work in M&As | The Culture Hack | EP6 - Jeremy Lowen

    In this episode, Matt Furness speaks to Jeremy Lowen.

    Jeremy has conducted research on how to bring together two cultures during mergers and acquisitions (M&As).

    Matt and Jeremy discuss:

    ✅ Why culture is an afterthought in M&As

    ✅ The key findings from his research on culture in M&As

    ✅ Common mistakes and myths that create culture clash

    ✅ Tiny, impactful tactics for bringing two cultures together

    If you're soon or currently going through an M&A, this isn't one to miss.

    30m - Dec 31, 2023
  • Bring on the culture revolution | The Culture Hack | EP5 - Paula Brockwell

    In this episode, Matt Furness speaks to the fantastic Paula Brockwell.

    Paula is a straight-talking culture expert and is the Founder of The Employee Experience Project.

    In the first 10 minutes alone, they discuss:

    ✅ The ripples of company culture on our lives outside work

    ✅ How we need to 'flip the equation' to meet customers' needs

    ✅ Businesses who are sheep in wolf's clothing

    ✅ The culture revolution taking place

    Listen for a fascinating viewpoint on how to get culture right.

    43m - Dec 3, 2023
  • Send the elevator down | The Culture Hack | EP4 - Nelson Derry

    In this episode of The Culture Hack, Matt speaks to Nelson Derry.

    Nelson is a bestselling author, award-winning leader, and expert in culture and DEI. He's also a splendid storyteller.

    Listen to discover:

    ✅ How a stranger's gift transformed the trajectory of Nelson's life

    ✅ The power of paying it forward

    ✅ Your duty to be in a culture that lifts you up

    ✅ How writestorming can replace brainstorming

    ✅ The illusion of collaboration in homogenous teams

    Learn more about Click: www.ClickCulture.co.uk

    49m - Oct 30, 2023
  • Why culture doesn't need to be abstract | The Culture Hack | EP3 - Claire Cathcart

    In this episode of The Culture Hack, Matt Furness speaks to experienced HR leader, Claire Cathcart.

    We talk about…

    ✅ Being intentional about the messages and communication principles

    ✅ Transforming something that feels abstract so it feels controllable

    ✅ Why you shouldn’t spend too much time on the detractors

    ✅ The power of changing your Slack status to, “I’m not 100% today”

    ✅ How technology is an enabler of your people plan

    Learn more about Click: www.ClickCulture.co.uk

    38m - Oct 2, 2023
  • Lessons from F1 on high-performance cultures | The Culture Hack | EP2 - Paul Teasdale

    In this episode of The Culture Hack, Matt Furness speaks to performance expert, Paul Teasdale.

    We dig into Paul's experience working in F1 to discuss:

    ✅ What bankers have learned from sausage-makers

    ✅ The cultural lessons organisations can learn from F1

    ✅ The moments when leaders should ‘look for the eyes’

    ✅ How language shapes culture, for better or worse

    ✅ Why data-driven organisations put data last

    Learn more about Click: www.ClickCulture.co.uk

    Or connect with Paul here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pauljamesteasdale

    40m - Aug 30, 2023
  • What I've learned about culture as a HR leader | The Culture Hack | EP1 - Donna Kennedy

    In this episode of The Culture Hack, Matt Furness speaks to experienced HR leader, Donna Kennedy.

    We discuss:

    ✅ Old-school cultures and what to do about them.

    ✅ The reasons leaders don't invest more in culture.

    ✅ Why you need to do the 'boring bits' of culture.

    ✅ The value of saying, "I don't know."

    ✅ Why you can't pour from an empty cup when leading culture.

    Learn more about Click: www.ClickCulture.co.uk

    38m - Aug 2, 2023
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