#216 | Lachie Stuart | Row 30 Marathons In 30 Days

47m | Feb 24, 2023

As his youthful and promising dreams of becoming a professional athlete waned, Lachie Stuart  began to wander in life.

He lost his focus, his drive and his direction. He even fell in with a bad crowd. In 2014, with rock bottom quickly approaching, Lachie happened upon a book about  personal development and self improvement. He couldn’t read it fast enough.

He began working on himself and sharing his new found knowledge and progress with others on social media. The positive feedback gave him clarity and perspective.

He was becoming mentally and physically stronger, he was making meaningful connections with people and life was good again.

He realized that physical fitness and mental health must be allowed to co-mingle and cannot be separated. It also became clear that much of life's success rests upon building and maintaining a clean mental space and excellent physical health.

Today, Lachie is a fitness trainer and personal development coach of nearly a decade and he is honored to be able to inspire, influence and impact men's lives for the better.

Still finding ways to push himself further, Lachie completed 30 marathons in 30 days and a 12 hour overnight walk in late 2022 and is currently working on his goals for 2023.

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