#222 | Jon Anderson | Sippin' Whisky and Spillin' Tea

Episode 222
1h 58m | Aug 25, 2023

Grab your favorite glass because it's time for another episode of Shelor Select! In this lively and candid conversation, Chris teams up with the witty and charming Jon Anderson for a memorable evening filled with laughter, whiskey, and a dash of unfiltered honesty.

As the whiskey flows, so does the conversation. First up, Chris and Jon dive deep into the state of the podcast, sharing behind-the-scenes insights and their vision for the future. You'll get an exclusive peek into the creative process and hear about exciting upcoming projects.

But it's not all business! The duo takes a turn towards personal topics as they dissect Chris' dating life. Expect hilarious anecdotes, relationship wisdom, and maybe even a few cringe-worthy dating mishaps.

If that's not enough, [Your Name] and Jon venture into the world of DC movies, sharing their thoughts on the latest releases, their all-time favorites, and the eternal Marvel vs. DC debate. Get ready for some passionate takes and recommendations for your next movie night.

And what's a podcast without a little spontaneity? The episode wraps up with Chris and Jon asking each other some quirky and unpredictable questions, ranging from pop culture to hypothetical scenarios. You won't want to miss their off-the-cuff responses!

Whether you're a fan of Shelor Select, whiskey aficionado, or simply in need of a good laugh and engaging conversation, this episode has something for everyone. So, pour yourself a glass, hit that play button, and join Chris and Jon Anderson for an unforgettable evening of sippin' whiskey and spillin' tea. Cheers! with discount code SHELOR20 for up to 56% off our subscription.

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