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The SH0T Pod is about anything and everything in society today, from news, to media/pop culture related discussions. Tune in and listen to our take/views/opinions on entertainment: Music, Movies, Video games, comics etc. Just know that our views and opinions are our own, and so if we say something controversial it's not meant as a guideline or something you should or shouldn't do.


Episode 12 - In a Galaxy Far Far Away, and Dropping in on Dunder Mifflin Scranton PA.
Show Details2hr 5min
Episode 11 - Producing Music, Ambitions/Dreams, Cult Followings and the like...
Show Details2hr
Episode 10 - Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, War Movies, War Games and the Like...
Show Details1hr 30min
Episode 9 - The Struggle, Standup Comedy, Working, Triggers and the Like...
Show Details2hr 24min
Episode - 8 Conspiracy Theories, Nothing Land, Politics, Truth and Reconciliation, and the Like...
Show Details2hr 19min
Episode 7 - Horror Movies, Halloween, Ghosts, and the like...
Show Details1hr 49min
Episode 6 - Movies, Music, Old Job Blunders, Driving Mishaps, Tickets and the like...
Show Details2hr 3min
Episode 5 - Relationships, Breakups, Rebounds, Worst First Date and the Like
Show Details1hr 55min
Episode 4 - Controversy, Division, CSI, and Horror Video Games
Show Details1hr 46min
Show Details30s
Episode 3 - Being a Musician, Fav. Covers, Trends, Tom Macdonald and the like...
Show Details1hr 54min
Episode 2 - He-Man, Spider-Man, Female leads, OG Xbox and the like...
Show Details1hr 51min
Episode 1 - Marvel, Remakes, Game Tech and the like
Show Details1hr 38min